Discovery Channel and Georgia Aquarium provide Shark Cam during Shark Week

By Jeff Pfeiffer

Starting today, Discovery Channel and Georgia Aquarium are once again teaming to provide a live, “fish-eye” view of a variety of sharks living in the world’s largest indoor aquatic habitat, Ocean Voyager. Shark Cam can be found at Discovery’s Shark Week website. You can also check it out here after the jump; it’s kind of relaxing.

The high-definition, underwater camera located inside Georgia Aquarium’s shark-filled habitat offers an immersive, 360-degree panoramic live-streaming experience, complete with abilities for social conversation with other viewers and shark experts. Through the camera, viewers will be able to see the world’s largest shark — the whale shark — as well as sand tiger, black tip, wobbegong, sandbar and zebra sharks. Shark Cam will continue to stream live footage throughout Discovery’s Shark Week, which airs July 31-Aug. 6. You can also follow Shark Week on Facebook and Twitter.

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