A tribute to the man who created “The Brady Bunch”


The man responsible for bringing us the Brady clan — Mike, Carol, Greg, Marcia, Peter, Jan, Bobby, Cindy and even Alice — is gone.

Sherwood Schwartz (pictured), the creator of The Brady Bunch and Gilligan’s Island, passed away earlier today at the age of 94. As a testimony to all of the people who grew up watching Brady Bunch episodes, here is a trip down Memory Lane and five of our most favorite episodes (in chronological order).

“A Fistful of Reasons” (season 2, 1970-71): Buddy Hinton messed with the wrong girl when he decided to tease little Cindy about her lisp (“Baby talk, baby talk, it’s a wonder you can walk”). Big brother Peter — after initially getting punched by Buddy — ultimately settles the score with a roundhouse that knocks the bully’s tooth loose and forces him to lisp as well. Lesson learned.

“Hawaii Bound” (season 4, 1972-73): This is the first of three-episode in which the Bradys and Alice join Mike on a business trip to Hawaii. Playing a big part in all three shows is an ancient tiki idol that Bobby finds and believes to be a good-luck charm. Unfortunately, it has the opposite effect, wreaking havoc on the entire family and their vacation. Guest appearances are made by Don Ho and Vincent Price.

“Amateur Night” (season 4): Leave it to Jan to screw something up, and that’s exactly what happened when she miscalculated the cost of a silver platter the kids were buying for their parents’ anniversary. To make up the difference, they appear on a variety show as “The Silver Platters.” You are definitely a diehard fan if you know the songs “Sunshine Day” and “Keep on Moving.”

“The Subject Was Noses” (season 4): Who can forget the show in which Marcia gets hit in the face with a football? After she had previously lied to get out of a date with Charley to go out with Doug Simpson (“Something suddenly came up”), she is given a dose of her own medicine when Doug cancels their date due to her swollen nose. Yet another valuable lesson learned.

“Mail Order Hero” (season 5, 1973-74): The show had many cameos in its five-year run (Davy Jones, anyone?), but my favorite by far was Joe Namath. After lying and telling his friends he knows the famous New York Jets quarterback, Bobby must come up with a way to make it true. Cindy concocts a story that Bobby is deathly ill and would love to meet his idol while he is in town. Namath obliges the offer, but the plan of course backfires when Mike and Carol find out.

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  1. One of my favorites is when they record “Time to Change”. Thanks to Wikipedia I now know that it’s the “Dough Re Mi” episode from Season 3

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