Celebs can’t resist tweeting about Casey Anthony verdict

By Tom Comi

Many bad things have been said about Twitter, but right at the top of the list has to be the need that some celebrities have to voice their opinions on everything. And that was certainly the case yesterday when a flood of famous tweets filled the air after it was announced that Casey Anthony was found not guilty for the death of her daughter Caylee.

There’s no question the controversial verdict had the entire country abuzz, but we always like to have fun with the folks in the limelight who take themselves a tad too seriously. So in the spirit of the phrase “Do not judge, or you too will be judged,” we have decided to analyze some of yesterday’s tweets.

Kim Kardashian: “WHAT!!!!???!!!! CASEY ANTHONY FOUND NOT GUILTY!!!! I am speechless!!!”
Analysis: The irony here is too easy to overlook, given that her late father Robert was on the legal team that defended O.J. Simpson. Probably should have sat this one out, Kim.

Roseanne Barr: “Casey-you were so smart to hide the body in the swamp! You got away with killing your baby!”
Analysis: We fully expect Roseanne to be sarcastic and blunt, so no real surprises here. If nothing else, we applaud her for staying true to herself.

Sharon Osbourne (America’s Got Talent and The Talk): “Casey Anthony not guilty??…..it’s a disgrace. She’ll probably get her own reality show now.”
Analysis: Sharon’s probably right here, but people in glass houses shouldn’t throw stones. We love Sharon, but she comes across as hypocritical when you consider that she and her then-dysfunctional family starred on a reality show of their own.

Kevin Nealon (Weeds): Casey Anthony. “You go girl! You have three years of partying to make up for!”
Analysis: Definitely one of the strongest tweets of the day. Nealon didn’t take himself too seriously and even made us chuckle at a time when everybody needed a laugh.

Rainn Wilson (The Office): “Dear Florida, THANK YOU for freeing Casey! She’s now available for partying and babysitting!”
Analysis: Like Nealon, we love Wilson’s sense of humor and sarcasm. We want our celebrities to entertain us, not preach to us. Nice job, Rainn.

David Boreanaz (Bones): Anthony Cleared in Daughters Death. Media Assassination? This case is over. No winners here. Wonder what Nancy Grace is doing right now?
Analysis: Nothing really to say here other than I love the jab at blowhard Nancy Grace, who made this trial more about herself than little Caylee. Nobody likes a grandstander, Nancy.

Joy Behar (The View and The Joy Behar Show): “I am shocked by the #caseyanthonyverdict. Though I can’t say this is the first time Florida screwed up on an important vote.”
Analysis: Behar loses points for the faux shock, but she does get credit for connecting yesterday’s verdict to the presidential voting controversy in Florida 11 years ago.

Natalie Maines (the Dixie Chicks): “The jury did the right thing in the Casey Anthony trial. It’s not American to allow murder convictions be based on theory and not evidence.”
Analysis: Arguably the most rational tweet of the day. At no point does Maines claim Anthony is innocent, but she does defend the legal system.