2011 Tour de France TV coverage on Versus and NBC

Cycling’s Tour de France has become a little like the reality show The Bachelor. Guys jockey for position, shirts come off and go on again, and there’s the rare moment of drama in the winding, tedious ordeal that should have ended weeks ago. In the end, you really don’t care who wins, because there’s going to be a nasty breakup in the future anyway and the whole experience makes you feel sleazy. Such is the state of cycling in the age of doping scandals.

But, legitimate or not, the show will go on. The 98th edition of cycling’s Tour de France starts July 2 at Passage du Gois in western France. The race is made up of 21 stages covering a total distance of 3,471 km, with emphasis on the Alps. The 18th stage has the highest summit finish in the race’s history, at the top of the Col du Galibier mountain pass. The race ends July 24 on the Champs-Élysées in Paris. Last year, Spain’s Alberto Contador won his second straight Tour and third in four years.

Versus begins its coverage live July 2 at 8am ET. NBC’s coverage begins July 2 at 2pm ET and July 3 at 2pm ET. Versus continues with live coverage daily at 8am ET.

Below is the press release from NBC Sports Group highlighting Tour coverage on TV, online and social media channels:


Multi-platform Coverage Available On-Air, Online at NBCSports.com and Through Mobile Apps

For the First Time Ever, NBC Sports will Air Stages 1-2 on July 2 & 3; VERSUS to Average 14 Hours of Coverage Each Day

“This year’s race is built for the climbing specialists. Everyone is expecting a battle for a third straight year between Alberto Contador and Andy Schleck, but there is every indication that this will not be the case. This has the makings of a vintage Tour.” – NBC Sports Group’s Phil Liggett

NBC Sports Group, the exclusive television home of the Tour de France in the U.S., will begin its coverage of the most grueling event in all of sports on VERSUS on Saturday, July 2, at 8 a.m. ET, live at the grand start from the Passage du Gois in France. Additionally, for the first time ever, NBC Sports will broadcast coverage of the opening two stages on July 2 at 2 p.m. ET and July 3 at 3 p.m. ET, respectively. VERSUS will air an average of 14 hours of race action per day in full HD throughout the 21-stage competition that covers more than 2,000 miles, including live coverage every morning of competition at 8 a.m. ET.

VERSUS’ production continues to evolve, and this year’s daily coverage will have a new look and feel to the race action. The most notable changes will be to the enhanced primetime show each night from 8-11 p.m. ET, which will feature a combination of race coverage and cycling insight as well as highlights from some of the compelling stories throughout the Tour. Each show will include interviews with the riders at the start and finish lines, analysis and strategy segments as well as other content designed for cycling fans and those who are new to the sport. Additionally, the network will collaborate with Gripped Films, producers of the critically acclaimed Tour de France documentary “Chasing Legends,” for daily, behind-the-scenes footage from the team that wins each day’s stage, to the night before they start in the next day’s competition.

The network will also give viewers the best coverage with bonus features such as: cameras on many of the team’s buses, including Garmin-Cervelo, HTC-Highroad, RadioShack, and Leopard Trek; a pointer feature which will easily identify and focus on one rider in the 195-plus peloton; exclusive, in-depth profiles and features on teams and riders; and advanced on-screen statistics/biometrics to illustrate the intensity at which the riders are competing; among others.

Legendary announcers Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen, the undisputed voices of cycling, will once again call all the race action for both the live and nightly shows, with Robbie Ventura and Craig Hummer contributing as field reporters. New host Liam McHugh and analyst Bob Roll will contribute to the pre-race coverage and helm the primetime studio show each night with contributing analyst Todd Gogulski. Gogulski, a former professional cyclist, has covered various cycling events, including the Giro d’Italia, the Vuelta a España and the World Road Championships for Universal Sports since 2009.

Tour de France All Access: VERSUS will surround its on-air coverage with Tour de France All Access, unprecedented cycling content on many different platforms, including tourdefrance.nbcsports.com for the first time since NBCSports.com and VERSUS.com combined forces to create a single, robust destination for sports fans. The network will offer users both a free and premium-subscription product which gives fans a multi-platform, all-encompassing viewing experience to the greatest cycling event of the year. Tour de France All Access offers live streaming video of every stage in full HD, with the ability to pause, rewind and slow-mo the image. While watching live coverage online, viewers will also have access to a live GPS tracking map, to follow the riders’ progress or to see an enhanced interactive map for each stage. Also, subscribers can personalize their Tour experience by choosing their favorite riders and teams to track throughout the Tour. Additionally, all the features of the NBCSports.com online experience will be mirrored in the Tour de France All Access apps for the iPhone, and for the first time this year, on iPad and Android devices.

There are also many free elements available to cycling fans at NBCSports.com and through the mobile apps, which are listed below.

Before the Tour:

  • Stage-by-stage descriptions and previews, featuring historical stage information, technical information and interesting travelogue vignettes
  • Breakdown of top contenders
  • Historical top 10 lists
  • Look back at the best of the 2010 Tour de France

Once the Tour begins:

  • Recaps and highlights of the day’s big events and story lines
  • Expert predictions for each stage
  • Route previews
  • Interviews with the top riders
  • Video highlights of each stage
  • Live stage results
  • Detailed standings, including overall and classifications
  • Rider profiles by country and team
  • Course and stage maps, elevation profiles and stage descriptions
  • Live news stream during every stage
  • Photo slideshows
  • Tour de France Twitter stream, which will showcase the top race authorities, including riders, analysts, officials and fans

Additional Features and Elements (more information available at tourdefrance.nbcsports.com):

  • Aquaphor Le Tour Challenge: Users can ride their bikes on any given day of the Tour de France to see how they compare to the pros and other cyclists from around the world. They can create a team, join a team, or ride solo, and enter to win great prizes.
  • Travelers Fantasy Cycling Challenge: A traditional fantasy game where users select their own team of cyclists and compete with others for daily prizes and grand prize trip to the 2012 Tour de France.
  • IZOD Race for the Podium Watch & Win Sweepstakes: During each stage, VERSUS viewers are given an on-air code word that they can use for a chance to win a trip to the 2012 Tour de France and Cervelo Bikes.

Social Media: Fans can also keep up with the Tour de France through VERSUS’ social media platforms throughout the race. Content will include:

  • Behind the Scenes: Through the VERSUS Cycling Facebook page and @VSCycling on Twitter, fans receive exclusive behind-the-scenes photos, interviews and video.
  • Commentator Tweets: VERSUS commentators Phil Liggett and Paul Sherwen will provide Twitter content throughout race.
  • Fan Questions: Fans will have the opportunity to ask questions to VERSUS commentators, including Bob Roll in the “Ask Bobke” segment, via Facebook and Twitter.
  • News: Fans can follow VERSUS Cycling Facebook and VSCycling Twitter accounts to receive the most up to date reports and stories from around the cycling world.


  1. Road ID

    Edward Wimmer is an owner and the official contact:

    Since this company, along with Headsweats, is an ally of ours, just nicely tell them how disappointed you are with NBC/Versus coverage is this year and ask if they would pass along our feelings to NBC/Versus.

  2. Just tried to send an email to nbcsports@nbcuni.com to echo the sentiments about them ruining the TDF coverage. Email bounced as nondeliverable because “recipient’s mailbox full’. Seems that maybe viewers have been chiming in.

  3. Agree with the aforementioned comments, in part. Granted Craig Hummer was better and that was because he IS a cyclist. Dunno bout Liam McHugh, never heard of him prior to this TDF. I wish someone would tie his hands together or take his pencil away from him! Al Tourtwig was good as well if only due to his total lack of cycling knowledge for a daily laugh. But ANYONE is better than Kirsten Gum. Sure, she was eye-candy her first year as a blond, but her second year as a brunette was torture! Over her and Al, I welcome Liam but prefer Craig.

  4. it’s a real shame that NBC had to tamper with a good thing. it was a winning combination before with Bob Roll, Paul Sherwen, Phil Ligget, and Craig Hummer. There was no reason to fiddle with the broadcast team.

    Even the new theme song replacement is flat out boring and uninspiring for such a beautiful and wonderful event!

    The prime time coverage is just terrible now. They lost me as a viewer. NBC-Versus shouldn’t be surprised when their Tour ratings drop by 50+%.

    The TV broadcast car crashing into the breakaway group today was ironic, because it is just like what NBC has done to the Versus tour coverage. In the words of Phil Liggett, “Absolutely disgraceful!”

  5. I don’t have anything agains Liam McHugh. He seems nice enough, professional, perhaps a young up-and-comer, maybe even a future star. But he hasn’t earned the spot, and doesn’t bring anything positive to the booth. Meanwhile, dropping Craig Hummer out of the booth is an obvious negative to the chemistry and to the viewers, and having him out in the field where he is clearly unhappy is painful to watch. This is just yet another case of NBC pee-ing on everything in their path to mark their territory. I can’t even watch the Weather Channel anymore since NBC bought it and brought on Al Roker and his ugly face and banal schtick. Too bad for them and their sponsors. They used to be my “Muzak” channel ever since MTV stopped playing music.

  6. I am getting really sick of Liggett accent, I wish they would replace him, agree that Craig was much better than Liam

  7. Really poor coverage this year. I gave up last night’s primetime when the commercial breaks equalled in length the commentary. And what happened to the afternoon reply? It was a good option to get home at 6 p.m. and catch the last 30 minutes or so of the stage. Now its wait up to 10:45 p.m. or read about it the next day.

  8. Where are Craig and Bob in the lineup? The tour is not the same without them. Bob’s commentary is matchless — experience, humor, realism. I want them part of the action, not tacked on as an evening afterthought.

  9. NBC/Universal/Comcast
    Bring back the A team.
    This guy Liam is really poor. I don’t want to hear about him receiving a
    degree in journalism and then see him project profound dissatisfaction announcing the TDF…..daily.
    His overbearing smugness is too much and the way he talks down to the great Bob Roll is unacceptable.If you were looking for a younger demo….you are way off base.
    In Craig Hummer you had someone who had grown into the role and was a great counter point to Bob, Phil and Paul.
    All you have now is is an empty shirt…..You still have time to fix your mistake…..there are two more weeks of the TDF. Be brave!

  10. Wow, this ain’t working out so well guys. Is anybody listening? Sounds like anything less than a complete return to the old format will be unacceptable. Anybody listening??

  11. the HD is great. i have watched for several years but the commentary this year and the scenery have been great. surely they must weep the roads prior to the Tour passing but how far in advance do the do it?
    great coverage keep it coming

  12. NBC coverage is terrible.

    The new trio is terrible. But, for that matter, the coverage really took a hit a couple of years ago after Craig Hummer replaced Al Trautwig. The first in a long line of baaaaaad moves.

  13. Wow,

    I love cycling, I love Le Tour, but please, please bring back Craig Hummer to his deserved role! He rules!

    We CANNOT afford to lose any viewers/fans!

    Phil, Paul rule! But, without Craig, Bobke we lose the book they ALL wrote the book on racing coverage!

    Bring them back!

    Viva le Tour! Viva le France! Viva le Criag, Paul, Phil, Bobke, & Robbie!

    I’ll say it again, VIVA LE CRAIG!

    Mark Perry

  14. Forget next year. Liam may have been a pro cyclist, but he is completely lacking any chemistry or connection with Bobke.

    My wife and I have been watching the tour coverage since OLN started it in the late 90’s. Since 2008, the team coverage was perfect. We want the old team back. Please bench Liam and McHugh and put Craig Hummer back with Bobke. Craig Hummer rules. He may not be an ex pro bike racer, but anyone who can dominate ironman ocean swimming competitions for eight years knows first hand what it takes to compete in an endurance sport like the tour.

    Please bring back Craig now. Bring back the team!

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