Today in network swag: Discovery’s Shark Week

By Jeff Pfeiffer

I have to admit, one of the perks that I enjoy most when it comes to writing about television — aside from seeing advance screeners and talking to sometimes-notable people — is much of the swag that networks will occasionally send to promote a show. This past week I got some pretty cool items from Discovery Channel to hype their upcoming annual event, Shark Week.

As you can see from the photos, the theme was basically, “Throw a Shark Week Party,” complete with coasters, balloons, napkins, a shark-shaped cookie cutter, a Shark Week bingo game, recipes for shark-themed food and drink (like the Great White Attack rum drink, or a chum sandwich) and a shark bottle opener (which I should probably use to crack open a Dogfish Head brew, or maybe a Great White Beer from Lost Coast Brewery).

With or without these items, shark fans can party on when Shark Week 2011 begins July 31 on Discovery Channel.

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  1. I got Food Network’s “Tough Cookie” cookies. And if anyone thinks I am sharing, that’s right: Tough cookies!

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