Starz makes Kelsey Grammer the “BOSS” in October

By Lori Acken

The teaser for Starz upcoming scripted drama series BOSS features a somber Kelsey Grammer as dicey-but-productive fictional Chicago mayor Tom Kane striding through an austere looking building and silently ruminating on the sacrifices he’s made to reach the top of the Windy City’s power pyramid.

Aw. Poor flag-on-the-lapel-wearin’, give-it-all-up-for-his-town kind of guy!

Then he says, “Sacrifices are easy when you’re holding the knife.”

Oh. Oh oh. Something ain’t right with this fella.

Turns out citizen Kane has a brain disorder that is eating away at his cognitive function, leaving him to fight tooth and nail — and occasionally dirty — to remain in charge as his memories fade and his closest allies seem suspect, even as they keep their own suspicions silent. At home, his beautiful but detached wife Meredith (Connie Nielsen) is clueless to her husband’s condition — but his estranged daughter, the one who knows him least, may have his number.

And you thought you had work/homelife stress.

Find out if the BOSS keeps his gig or if his brain gets the better of him when BOSS premieres this October.

Photo and video: STARZ

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