Bill Maher, Jane Lynch recreate Weiner exchanges

By Tom Comi

If there was any doubt that Jane Lynch is currently one of the brightest stars in Hollywood, one needn’t look any further for proof than her recent appearance on Real Time with Bill Maher.

While every other comedian was making the same old tired jokes about Congressman Anthony Weiner’s verbal sex exchanges with a Las Vegas blackjack dealer, Maher decided to use his cable platform — and Lynch’s deadpan delivery — to recreate the dirty talk line for line. And fortunately for those of you with HBO, you can see a replay tonight at 8pm ET.

“Here at Real Time, we do take our responsibility very seriously as the one show — because we’re on pay cable — where we can say anything and quote anything,” Maher said to his audience. “And the texts from Anthony Weiner … most people could not show them to you; we are going to read them verbatim.”

And so they did. There were no embellishments, ad libs or jokes. Maher and Lynch simply sat on stools and delivered the exact lines that Weiner exchanged with Lisa the blackjack dealer. Most of the conversation can not be quoted here due to the graphic nature , which made the reenactment even funnier.

Lynch is known for her brilliant comic delivery as the conniving Sue Sylvester on the Fox hit Glee, as well as movies like Best in Show and A Mighty Wind. But even her fans had to be taken back to hear the four-letter words flying from her mouth as she played the part of the potty-mouthed card dealer from Vegas.

Flashing her trademark smile and timing, she delivered such lines as, “Are you as passionate in the sack as you are about politics?” and “I talk like a filthy whore in bed, even though I’m a nice wholesome Jewish girl. haha.” To offer some perspective on how trashy the conversation got, those are two of the relatively clean lines we can quote here.

There is obviously nothing funny about yet another Congressman getting caught in a sex scandal, but Maher deserves great credit for using his live platform on HBO to at least put a different spin on this story. And with the incomparable Jane Lynch playing along, it helped create one of the funniest TV moments we’ve seen and heard in a very long time.