Discovery seeks a “One Man Army”

By Jeff Pfeiffer

We’ve had many readers mourn the discontinuation of Military Channel’s Special Ops Mission series. While there are as yet no plans to bring that series back, fans of that show may enjoy the upcoming series One Man Army, airing on Military Channel’s parent network, Discovery Channel.

Premiering July 13 at 10pm ET/PT, One Man Army pits elite military, extreme sports and law enforcement operatives against one another in various events that are way beyond what your average Joe goes through on something like Wipeout. In each episode, host Mykel Hawke, himself a U.S. Army Special Forces veteran and former Green Beret, puts four competitors through three separate challenges of speed, strength and intelligence. One by one they are eliminated until one stands alone and wins $10,000 (and the title of “One Man Army”).

Episodes will feature competitors who come from the Navy SEALs (including a former SEAL Team 6 member), Marines, Air Force, Army, U.S. Marshals Service, SWAT and other law enforcement agencies, as well as top fighters from MMA and other extreme sports.

The Speed challenges focus on agility, quickness and reflexes, and includes tasks such as target shooting, crossing a laser-filled room without touching a beam, and the coffin test — in which competitors must escape from a sealed, water-filled container.

Strength challenges include breaking through a series of walls using different tactics, a tug of war and digging underground tunnels to make one’s way through a course.

Intelligence rounds involve quick thinking and include challenges such as figuring out the best tactics to escape from a locked cell, and an event that forces competitors to free themselves from a rope hanging them upside down.

At this point it looks like only male competitors are involved, but maybe Discovery will follow up with a One Woman Army series?


Credit: Discovery Channel