“Ice My House” contest to award room makeover by Vanilla Ice

To kick off the second season of The Vanilla Ice Project, coming in early 2012, DIY Network is giving one lucky viewer a rock star room renovation. Through June 27, homeowners can upload videos and photos  to DIYNetwork.com telling Vanilla Ice why he should renovate a room in their house. The winner of the “Ice My House” contest will receive a $30,000 room makeover courtesy of the ’90s rapper and his crew. The transformation will be documented in a one-hour special called VIP: Ice My House, which will start the show’s second season.

Currently in production, rock star turned home improvement all-star Vanilla Ice and his crew are back for another season of 13 half-hour episodes of jaw-dropping renovations as they tackle a new, busted up Palm Beach area mansion. This time, Vanilla Ice’s imagination runs wild as he chases down the hottest home improvement trends and technology. But first, he’s going to move walls, tear out shoddy work, and build this house up from the studs. Wes, Handsome Dan, Rodney and Joey – his team of contractors – have his back every step of the way.

Photo: Courtesy of DIY Network


  1. Hi Ice!
    Let me start by saying you Rock Ice! I am a big fan. Your movie was one of my favorite picks when I worked at a video store back in the nineties. I alway thought there was something great in you. I’m happy to see that you are multitalented. I check out your shows all the time. I wish you’d come out to Cali to ICE my back yard. It can definitely use some Ice Flava.. I loved your recent back yard tranformation that included the iguana sancuary. My two blue eyed huskies, my family, and I need some Ice, Ice Baby. A Clean slate is what you’ll have in our back yard. I’m a kindergarden teacher in South LA and could use some schooling on how to improve my backyard. Come on out to Cali. We’ll start the carne asada and start chilling the Coronas for you and your crew! We need help.
    Thanks for your consideration! Keep up the awesome work.

  2. Dear Rob and crew……….I have watched many of your projects and transformations,y’all have some great talent going! I love the fact that you mix up your style from upscale fab to funky and flashy. My family and I(husband and 2 college brats) all live in rural Georgia, we love our house but don’t know how we want to tackle the huge basement. Its a blank canvas…………housing junk, lawnmower and motorcycles. I would LOVE to have you deck out the basement for an entertainment/media/game area with a fun, all American, Harley loving, pool playing theme. God bless!

  3. Rob, my house needs to be iced so bad. I just cant get it done nor do i have all the money to complete most of the projects. I have tons of help and all bbq your crew can eat. Thanks for your time and consideration.
    Chuck Burnett

  4. Hi Rob and crew. We have an 11 year old house and my husband is constantly working on it for me. We are both veterans and I would love for you to ice our backyard. We both have a few disabilities but it does not keep us from our DIY projects to make our home better. He has done so much work on the inside that the outside leaves a lot to be desired. This would be a dream come true if someone else could do something for him. He has done so much for me and I want to give him the backyard he deserves so he can relax for a change. I pray that you choose us. He works hard and does better than professional work. I look forward to hearing from you. Deltona Florida wife and soldier.

  5. Hi Ice,
    My husband and I bought a 100+ year old fixer upper house 12 years ago in Virginia. Since we’ve been here, my husband has been diagnosed with terminal illness and he has been forced into early retirement. With only one income coming in, the funds have dwindled down to nothing and I have an huge outstanding medical debt for his continuing care. I am not one for asking for help, however, my kithchen is in bad shape and needs to be “iced” in a big way. The floor is sagging and I believe the rest of the floors connected to the kitchen are following suit. Please, please pick me to be “Iced”. I would really appreciate and I Thank you kindly in advance.

  6. hi Rob and crew, first we love the music second i am taking care of my daughter and two grand children so my daughter can return to school. I am so blessed to have been able to qualify and receive a new home with Habitat for Humanity, my mortgage is affordable, and i enjoy the sweat equity we put in. I am a DIY as it goes,i can (hopefully) do anything. I do need help with the yard. thank you for the oppretunity to apply for the contest claudia

  7. I was a single parent did raised my 3 boys. Now they are married and gone. Soon to retire (1 1/2 yrs.)I will have no other income besides my retirement, I would love to have my kitchen remodeled or my backyard remodeled with a jucuzzi. I would really enjoy having my home done at least till my older years to enjoy.

  8. We are watching this show and wondering why you chose to help a couple living in one of wealthiest neighborhoods in Dallas and who drive a Range Rover! There must have been SO many other people who entered the contest and REALLY needed your help to finish projects. Very disappointed 🙁

  9. Hi Ice, we live in Seattle Washington in a 1977 Chalet style home. My partner bought the house in 1989. I am a Do it yourselfer and have attempted many improvements. The room that I would like you to “Ice” is our master bedroom en suite bathroom. It is a tiny room that my partner spends a lot of time in soaking her sore bones in a tub that is not quite long enough for her long legs; she has been cooking and standing on her feet for the past 20 years. She cooks for the counties juvenile detention and goes out of her way to ensure tasty meals the youth will enjoy she has also been on a speaker panel encouraging the youth to do the right thing. It would be great for her to have a Japanese soaking tub and a larger space, she so deserves it. We recently placed her 99 years old mother in a assistant living home. She is devoted to her mother and visits her almost everyday, making her special dishes, bringing and taking her clean laundry, going to the library weekly to get her novels to read and making sure she is well cared for. Born in Hawaii she has a wonderful personality and often cooks and invite friends over for get togethers, needless to say she is extremely loyal. It would be a gift much deserved for one of the greatest women I know next to my own mother and her’s. Please come to Seattle and Ice our bathroom it would be the right thing for two people who pass it forward.
    If possible I would like to forward a video hoping I can entice you and your crew to take on this challenging project, respectfully, “Ice” us in Seattle.

  10. My wife and I are both retired and handicapped. The kitchen in our house is outdated and falling apart. We would love if you would not only update our kitchen, but do it “GREEN” and handicapped friendlyl. Thank you.

  11. i just bought my first house in mi still doing paperwork. 2 bedroom s upstairs are awkward and have no closets just noticed the basement is horrible. i hurt my back at work 17 yrs ago thought nothing was wrong tried to go into army and while i was there they found out i had a compression fracture of my vertabrae bulged disk and im on a fixed income so its hard to fix anything i use to work construction. thank you i listend to you as a kid

  12. I would like to have an addition added to my house so all my family can get together for all the holidays. I would like for you to ice my house.

  13. retired Air Force with afixed income…my bathroom is split in half with a useless wall and carpet! Help Me!!!!!!!!!

  14. dear vanilla since i was young i enjoy your songs i am a divorce mother for the pass 6 years my husband left me for this married women and took all the money and ive been stuggling trying to give all my kids what they need my home need some work done the theirs mold in the both rooms my electric plugs around the house dont work and ive been injured and workmen comp cut me off ive been living off all my money i save up but my home falling apart my x husband wont help me with the kids instrument payment and school function or if they need clothes or shoes ive been wear my high school clothes or i go to the god pantry to get free clothes for me please if you can help me with my home i really appreciate it love always your fan manuela washington

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