American Idol sets its top 2

by Ruth Anne Boulet

It’s the going home package for our contestants, starting with Haley. It’s cute; Wheeling, IL is out in force for her. I feel bad for her having to step out onto the Arlington Race track with spiky heels on a rainy day. Blech. I hope she didn’t sink too badly into the racetrack. She sang Sweet Home Chicago ’cause it’s the law. Mafia law, that is.

Scotty goes home to North Carolina. He says oh my goodness a lot and plays a little baseball. He cries, but doesn’t get the comic relief of a huge bodyguard like Haley did. Kathy notice he’s doing a lot of face-grabbing, just like Stefan. Josh Turner shows up for his concert and surprises him on stage for his Babylockthemdoors number. Again, cute. It’s hard not to root for any of the contestants with these emotion packages.

And finally, we get Lauren Alaina. Poor Lauren has to make the AT&T store appearance. Then she made the obligatory high school appearance. Lauren also gets treated to seeing people’s houses ripped apart from the recent tornadoes. I hope she wanted to see that because it was really cruel to show her that if she didn’t want to see it. Girl’s emotional enough, was Idol trying to break her down or show her how good she’s got it?

Dim the lights! The first person in the top 2 is — commercial break! Seacrest! First person in is Scotty. Second person in is Lauren. Well crap. There goes an interesting finale. Now we get an all-country finale. Well that’s great America. We’ll get 6 country songs that I won’t remember a week later from 2 finalists that aren’t really ready for what’s coming after Idol.

Anyone else looking forward to X Factor?


  1. Man, I loved Haley’s send-off, though. Like a big middle finger to the judges, and a party for all the season’s fallen idols who have lost to lesser singers.

    Scotty’s got something, but while Lauren seems nice, frankly I’m embarrassed for the poor girl every time she trembles nervously onstage, dressed in tacky prom-wear and missing half the notes in the song. Pity isn’t a good enough reason to send someone to the final.

  2. Jimmy Iovine: What kind of music do you usually have here?
    Ryan Seacrest: Oh, we got both kinds. We got country *and* western.

    I don’t blame you, Kathy. This girl will not be watching either . But I look forward to your recaps next week, Ruth.

  3. Totally looking forward to X Factor, as Simon is no fan of country and someone would have to have some of Carrie Underwood’s versatility for Simon to want to produce anyone remotely close to the genre.

    I might be in another room watching Rachel Maddow while you have to cover Tuesday’s show.

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