Celebrities are as superstitious as the rest of us

Meat Loaf is among several superstitious stars

By Tom Comi

With today being Friday the 13th, people across the country will do all they can to avoid ladders, black cats and every other thing considered to be bad luck. But don’t be ashamed if you are one of those people, because there are scores of celebrities who are also very superstitious.

With the help of the Internet, we found many TV and movie and stars who would supposedly be lost without their lucky charms or routines.

–Actor/comedian Robin Williams carries an ivory statue that belonged to his father.

–Coldplay lead singer Chris Martin always brushes his teeth before taking the stage.

–Singer and Celebrity Apprentice contestant Meat Loaf travels with two stuffed bears.

–Actor Cuba Gooding Jr. carries an unnamed lucky charm that he believes will become unlucky if he divulges what it is.

–Actress Cameron Diaz keeps treasured lucky charms and frequently knocks on wood.

–TV host and Celebrity Apprentice contestant Star Jones never sets her purse on the floor.

–Actress Penélope Cruz attempts to keep evil spirits away by rubbing her head.

–Singer Axl Rose will not play in any city that begins with an M.

–Actress Cate Blanchett kept her Lord of the Rings elf ears for good luck.

–Academy Award winner Geoffrey Rush carries a plastic Daffy Duck in his pocket.

–Actress Jennifer Aniston must board a plane with her right foot and she has to tap on the outside of the plane before doing so.

–Actor and car enthusiast Patrick Dempsey fancies red shoes when he is racing.