Many Americans vow not to watch royal vows

You wouldn’t know it by all of the hype, TV coverage and endless blogs on sites like this, but a survey conducted by PriceGrabber has concluded that there is not as much interest in the forthcoming Royal wedding as some might think.

It’s not to surprising that 41 percent of the respondents said they are disinterested in the April 29th wedding between Prince William of Wales and Catherine Middleton, but it does speak volumes when 77 percent said they do not plan to get up in the wee hours of the morning to watch live coverage on NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox or any of the numerous cable news networks that plan to start broadcasting live at 4am ET.

Here are some other telling numbers from the survey:


  • In addition to the staggering number of those who won’t watch the event live, 72 percent of consumers do not plan to watch coverage of the Royal Wedding AFTER it airs either.
  • 95-percent of respondents do not plan to attend or host a party to celebrate the wedding; 92-percent do not plan to purchase Royal Wedding commemorative merchandise.
  • When respondents who are planning to watch were asked what they are most interested to see, 28-percent said the ceremony, 23-percent said the wedding dress, 15 percent said the invited guests and celebrities, and only nine percent were interested in seeing the wedding cake.
  • Of the respondents that plan to watch, 25-percent indicated it’s because of the historical significance, 16-percent are interested in the fairy tale wedding story, 12 percent will watch for the memory and six percent due to the media hype.
  • 42 percent of respondents watched previous Royal Weddings on television. Of those previous wedding watchers, 96 percent watched Prince Charles and Lady Diana’s wedding, 22 percent watched Prince Andrew and Sarah Ferguson’s wedding, and 11 percent watched Prince Charles and Camilla Parker Bowles wedding in 2005.