“The Soup Awards” premieres on April Fool’s Day

By Athena Voulgaropoulos

Awards season just wouldn’t be complete without its most prestigious event, The Soup Awards. E!’s hilarious annual showcase of reality TV stupidity appropriately premieres on April Fool’s Day, this Friday at 10p ET/PT.

Hottie McHottie host Joel McHale will hand out awards in such illustrious categories as “Best Nonsensical Phrase” and “Finest Psychological Problem that is Now a TV Series.” Helping him present these dubious honors are a slew of tabloid-friendly celebs, including “troll” Jon Cryer, ’80s teen icon Anthony Michael Hall, Real Housewife NeNe Leakes and the always-fabulous RuPaul, as well as McHale’s Community castmates Danny Pudi, Jim Rash and Alison Brie.

Other prizes for the night will go to the “Best Description of a Mustache by Somebody who Really, Really Wants to be a Professional Wrestler” and “Best Waterworks Non-Sexual.” The recipient of the award for “Best Performance by a Celebrity in a Hate Filled Rant” (<cough> Mel Gibson!) will certainly want to place his trophy on the mantle next to his Oscars and crazy pills.

Charlie Sheen is a leading contender to sweep, but he faces some fierce competition from stalwart challengers like Brad Womack, Kim Kardashian, Kendra, Holly, any E! network star really (but we can’t stay mad at you, Joel), the Biebs, the Biebs’ haircut, Gary Busey, and the entire cast of The Hills. Speaking of Montag and company, check out The Soup‘s awesome tribute to the now-defunct series:

The cast of The Hills have won their share of Soup Awards, and Spencer Pratt narrowly missed out on last year’s coveted “Outstanding Meltdown” prize, which ended up going to Maury‘s Battling Paternity-Debate Couple. Who will take home this year’s “Meltdown” award? How many reality stars and interns will McHale shoot? And will Sheen pull off the sweep? Duh, tune into The Soup Awards on Friday, April 1 to find out.

Photo Credit: E! Networks/Brandon Hickman