American Idol uses the one save on…

by Ruth Anne Boulet

So just before watching tonight’s elimination episode of American Idol, I got my geek on and saw Michio Kaku on Rachel Maddow talking about the Japanese nuclear situation. He’s my 2nd favorite physicist, right behind Neil DeGrasse Tyson.

Physics actually came into play with this episode of American Idol. The contestants get a lesson on how to use the in-ear monitors with Marc Anthony. Get it? Sound? Physics? Whatever. The Idols found that helpful, apparently. What probably wasn’t helpful was Marc Anthony contradicting the judges’ critiques, including his wife.

Group number! Ain’t No Mountain High Enough! Ain’t no dance floor wide enough! The guys are all suited up and the girls are in white dresses. They look great and I think they’re actually singing. They all do their ‘thing.’ Jacob takes it to church; Casey looks psychotic. And then they bring out Stevie Wonder. Apparently that sends Steven Tyler into a tail spin. I find it hard to believe Steven’s never seen Stevie Wonder, but he’s sure acting like it. Stevie Wonder is calling for Steven because it’s apparently Steven’s birthday. He gets a cake, a serenade and a portrait.

Dim the lights! Lauren, Pia and Scotty are pulled onstage. They’re all safe. I think Lauren swore because there was a brief moment of absolutely no sound.

Sugarland then performed. I did not listen to it. I just saw a look that was ugly in 1983 when I first saw it. Oy! Salmon and teal? For realsies? We then learn that James & Paul bonded over wrestling. Pia then takes them out. Much silliness ensues.

Dim the lights! James and Paul are brought center stage and are put in 2 different spots. Ryan should never call a guitar an axe. It sounds dumb coming out of you, Ryan. Ryan tells both of them they’re not safe, but it’s only because Hulk Hogan is here. He comes from behind the stage and James is freaking out. Hulk tells them the good news that both of them are safe & going on tour. He then ‘punches’ Ryan & sends him into the audience. Shirt rip ensues. James gets the shirt.

James, Thia and Stefano are the next up to center stage. Jacob is safe. Thia is in the bottom 3, as is Stefano. Ouch! Haley, Naima and Casey are then brought up to the stage. Naima is safe and going on tour! Casey is in the bottom 3! Haley is also going on tour! That’s a bit weird but maybe the legs worked for her. Whatever works — she seems like a nice girl.

Jennifer Hudson is then up to perform. Ryan calls her “the only Idol winner with an Oscar.” Ryan, she didn’t win. She came in 7th. I had to fast-forward. It’s a pretty boring song. George Huff is her backup singer! That’s so cute.

Thia is safe! WHAAAAAAA!!!!??????? That’s just crazy talk. Dim the lights. The person in danger of going home is Casey Abrams. Stefano is safe. Randy looks shocked. There’s a lot of hugging between Stefano and Casey, then Stefano and James. I’m wondering what Richard Lawson will say about that tomorrow. I can’t wait.

Casey doesn’t get very far through his song when the judges stop him and give him the save. He looks like he’s going to throw up. There’s  lot of dead air as there’s a lot of swearing. Randy and Jennifer give him the advice to stop pulling face and be the artist he was in the auditions. No more growling from you Casey! Oh, just watch it. It’s actually some great live TV:

Ryan gives us the rules update that 2 folks are going home next week and all 11 will go on tour. That again makes Casey get the puky look again. Enjoy it kid, and try to keep healthy, would you?