Finales of “Hot in Cleveland,” “Retired at 35” air tonight

Rookie sitcom Retired at 35 finishes off its first season tonight with “Secrets and Lies,” in which Alan and Elaine aren’t sure how to handle their first anniversary as a separated couple. Also, David decides he needs to come clean to Jessica about his one-night stand with her mother.

Meanwhile, Hot in Cleveland ends its winter finale on a cliffhanger in “Law & Elka,” with Joy getting involved in another scandal while trying to fix her immigration status. It involves the governor’s wife, played by guest star Amy Sedaris. Meanwhile, Elka faces a tough judge (Sherri Shepherd) at her trial, and her best chance to beat the rap might be to flirt with a juror.

Hot in Cleveland airs at 10pm, followed by Retired at 35 at 10:30pm tonight on TV Land.