ABC offers finale details for “No Ordinary Family” and “Off the Map”

By Lori Acken

Though their renewal status’ is still up in the air — and not too terribly far up there, as Family‘s Michael Chiklis and Julie Benz are already signed on to upcoming CBS pilots — ABC  offered up “season finale” details for No Ordinary Family and Off the Map today.

According to network releases, Off the Map will sign off April 6 with “There’s a Lot to Miss About the Jungle” in which the country’s Holy Week festivities take a chaotic turn when a truck float crashes, and Ben (Martin Henderson) makes a difficult call as Ryan’s (Rachelle Lefevre) health deteriorates. Meanwhile, Lily (Caroline Dhavernas) forces her own issues aside when tragedy strikes Mateo’s (Nicholas Gonzalez) family farm.

On the season — and possibly the series — finale of No Ordinary Family, airing April 5 and ironically titled “No Ordinary Beginning,” the Powells must join together to save JJ (Jimmy Bennett), who’s been kidnapped, courtesy of Mrs. X (Lucy Lawless) and forced to solve an enigma that could lead to the permanence of the trilsettum’s effects. Meanwhile, Joshua (Josh Stewart)  reconnects with Katie (Autumn Reeser) and discovers that he’s about to become a father, and George’s (Romany Malco) fate hangs in the balance aboard a plane that’s quickly spiraling out of control.

With no official word offered as yet, we want to know what you think. Have we seen the last of “the city of the stars” and the superhero family, or will the shows be back in the fall?



  1. Both the series ” no ordinary family” and “off the map” are series we looked forward to watch. Please bring both these series back. You do not have many shows that the whole family can watch and when fantastic series like these come along you stop airing them. How sad:-). ABC wake up and put these series back on

  2. Please don’t cancel “No Ordinary Family”. It’s such a good, clean, exciting, and fun family show!!! There is so much filth on tv these days. I will have no reason to watch abc without this show!

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