BIO unveils new Charlie Sheen special, “Bad Boy on the Edge,” Sunday

By Stacey Harrison

Flipping through the channels the other night, I happened upon the Charlie Sheen episode of Biography and thought, “Boy, this could sure use some updating.” Apparently the folks at BIO felt the same way, as they’ve announced a one-hour original special, Charlie Sheen: Bad Boy on the Edge, to premiere Sunday at 9pm.

Though it will span the volatile actor’s nearly 30-year career in Hollywood, where he has “made a living following his own bliss” (a rather elegant way of putting it, don’t you think?), the network’s press release understandably focuses on the material it has about the erstwhile Two and a Half Men star’s recent troubles. Among the interviewees are 20/20‘s Andrea Canning, porn star Capri Anderson, and fellow Hollywood bad boys Bret Michaels and Danny Bonaduce. Drug rehab experts will also chime in to give their take on whether Sheen is merely eccentric or truly out of his mind.

Perhaps this is coming along at just the right time. Now that we have a bit of distance from the initial shock value of Sheen’s spree of interviews and bizarre public behavior, maybe the folks at BIO can offer a bit of perspective that doesn’t involve a punchline.

Photo: Credit: Van Ness Films