VOD Spotlight: “Jackass 3”

So you think your kid is crazy?

In 1997, aspiring lunatic Philip John “PJ” Clapp shot himself in the chest with a .38-caliber revolver to test the strength of a bulletproof vest. But according to his mother, the man who would change his name to Johnny Knoxville was apparently crazed from early childhood. The toddler who would climb out of his playpen and throw himself on the floor “matured” into a teen who reportedly dove out of a second-floor hotel window into the pool.

Jackass, the TV series and the films, worried Knoxville’s mom, Lemoyne Clapp, who says she hopes that Jackass 3 is the final one. “It’s a good one to go out on,” she says, possibly hopefully. “I watched with PJ and he said, ‘Mom, cover your eyes.’ But I didn’t get to close them before the buffalo threw him up in the air with his horns. … I reached over and hit his leg three times for doing it.”

Will Jackass 3 be the final film in the painfully hilarious franchise? Knoxville is coy, saying, “After the first one, we said it was done. After the second one, we thought it was done. Now that we’re doing a third one, we’re going to shut up.”

“Jackass 3″ is now showing on Video On Demand. Check your cable system for availability.


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