Lots Of Attitude And Antics Expected For New Season Of “Celebrity Apprentice”

Oh, this is trouble. The cast of characters NBC has assembled for the next season of Donald Trump’s Celebrity Apprentice could make it its best. Imagine hothead Gary Busey spewing his insane rhetoric at the likes of a dumbfounded Dionne Warwick. Or how about some Star Jones nastiness going up against the lippy Lisa Rinna?

Tensions are always high when you combine eccentric egos with a drive to further a career or restart an ailing one. Britain’s Piers Morgan, Celebrity Apprentice‘s first winner, still holds a deep hatred for his rival Omarosa, recently saying he no longer wishes her dead. “I’ve gotten softer in my old age,” Morgan smiled. “I would like to have her lowered in a boiling vat of sulfuric acid, where her remains are eaten by a large group of hungry tarantulas.”

And that’s the type of chemistry that makes the show entertaining.

This season Trump and daughter Ivanka will welcome her younger brother Eric to the cast. Hopefully he’s got Daddy’s business smarts and a quick tongue to wrangle the newest eclectic group of contestants.

Here’s just a few who are guaranteed to cause some friction:

Gary Busey — He’s totally unpredictable. He’s a complete loose cannon who has developed his own dictionary of Busey-isms. Just how uncomfortable others will be around him will make for some great TV!

Richard Hatch — He’s got the arrogance to compete with the best of them, but that “get naked, freak out your rivals” approach may not work with this bunch.

Star Jones — The former prosecutor and talk show host is known for big drama.

Lisa Rinna — The snarky actress has never been short on words, and her yapper is bound to annoy someone.

The cast of Celebrity Apprentice

Rounding out the cast of males are: hip-hop artist Lil Jon; MLB great Jose Canseco; legendary rocker Meat Loaf; The Partridge Family’s David Cassidy; Sugar Ray’s lead vocalist Mark McGrath; and Big & Rich country star John Rich.

The rest of the female cast includes: fashion model Hope Dworaczyk; singer/writer/actor and Michael lookalike La Toya Jackson; Real Housewives of Atlanta star NeNe Leakes; actress Marlee Matlin; girl-next-door model Niki Taylor; and the legendary Dionne Warwick.

The Celebrity Apprentice premieres on NBC March 6.