Jimmy Fallon gets his own Ben & Jerry’s flavor

By Jeff Pfeiffer

This week, you should start seeing a new Ben & Jerry’s ice cream flavor in your local supermarket or Ben & Jerry’s location — Late Night Snack. Late Night Snack was inspired by a Late Night With Jimmy Fallon skit in which Fallon and his house band, The Roots, performed an original song called “Ladysmith Snack Mambazo,” about Ben & Jerry’s ice cream.

The flavor has been described as “unique,” and that might be an understatement. It’s a mix of salty and sweet, which, presumably, people are looking for in a late-night snack, and features a rich vanilla bean ice cream with a salty caramel swirl and crunchy fudge-covered potato chip clusters. Not my cup of tea, exactly, though the research team at Ben & Jerry’s says that it has actually been considering a flavor with potato chips in some fashion for a long time, so there must be some interest out there.

The quirky mix at least seems to fit Fallon’s offbeat comedy and show. No word yet on whether they will be giving Jay Leno his own themed flavor as well. But that might be hard, since “vanilla” is already taken.


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