Famed Photographer Peter Lik Photographs Our Nation Like No Other

From the Edge With Peter Lik
Peter Lik is an adventurist at heart. The self-taught, most successful landscape photographer in the world — who just celebrated a personal first, bagging a million dollars for one of his photos — brings his Aussie charm and adrenaline-fueled devotion to Mother Nature to The Weather Channel in From the Edge With Peter Lik.

The 13-episode series puts Lik in front of the lens where he shares and shows his fascination of America’s landscape. Each episode follows his journey in getting to the location to take the ultimate shot.

“I’ve taken over, you know, 2 million photographs in my life, probably a lot more that I forgot about, but there’s only a few select, that .001 percent that actually make it onto the gallery wall,” Lik says. “And if you are familiar with any of my galleries, any of my photography, you have to feel that particular photograph inside your heart. It’s something that is very hard to express. But it’s something I want to get out to you on the show and come along on the journey with me.”

If the journey is anything like his photographs, it will be unforgettable.

From the Edge With Peter Lik premieres on The Weather Channel March 31.