American Idol finally reveals the Top 24

by Ruth Anne Boulet

So this episode is 2 hours of recaps, people walking down a drag queen runway and either humiliation or jubilation. And there were planes. Planes behind the contestants, planes behind the judges. Planes everywhere.

Did I leave anything out?

The thing that kills me about the “Green Mile” episodes is that you would think over the course of 3 hours we could hear more people actually sing. Yet there are some contestants that we have still never heard. It’s like they should be given a t-shirt that says: “I made it to the Top 40 of American Idol and all I got was this lousy t-shirt.” That you can be good enough to make it to the top 40 and still get no air time. No top 24 and no air time to be able to give your career a boost.

Yes, I will reveal the top 24 after the jump. Don’t say I didn’t warn you, TiVo viewers.

What’s got to be the worst is if you’ve been singing well & not forgetting your words and you don’t get a slot on the top 24. And then you watch others make it to that next level that have screwed up their words. But that’s life.

Instead we get lots of time exploring the journey of over-pimped Lauren Alaina in her Barbie-cowboy dress & boots.  I know she’s 15, oopss 16, but I wouldn’t recommend wearing a skirt that short when you’re going to be filmed sitting.

Another highlight: Randy Jackson crowns Jacob Lusk’s performance of God Bless The Child to be the best performance on American Idol ever. Really Randy? Better than Adam’s Mad World? Better than Fantasia’s Summertime? Better than Ruben’s take on The Carpenters? Doubtful, Randy.  I like Jacob and hope he does well, but I also want him to reign in the oversinging. Get some control & make some well-defined choices with your songs dude. Screaming everything doesn’t give the audience a place to focus. Figure out what the song is about & focus on that.

Same note for you James Durbin. And lose the bandannas. You look better without the stupid on. Get a gay to style this boy, stat.

No one is allowed to sing Josh Grobin either. Thia, this means you. Unless it’s “I’m F***** Matt Damon.” ‘Cause that would be awesome. Just like Jessica knowing that her middle fingers were covered in American Idol bubbles. Way to go out Jessica.

So here’s the Season 10 2011 Top 24:

Brett Loewenstern
Stefano Langone
Casey Abrams
Jovany Barreto
Scott McCreery
James Durbin
Jordan Dorsey
Clint Jun Gamboa
Robbie Rosen
Jacob Lusk
Paul McDonald
Tim Halperin

Karen Rodriguez
Lauren Alaina
Pia Toscano
Rachel Zevita
Lauren Turner
Kendra Chantelle Campbell
Ashthon Jones
Naimi Adedapo
Julie Zorrilla
Haley Reinhart
Thia Megia
Ta-tynisa Wilson

And now it’s our turn. Voting starts next week, America.


© 2011 Fox Broadcasting. Credit: Michael Becker