7 Questions With … Heidi Klum

1. I could see this movie 100 times and I’d still laugh:

Heidi Klum: Madagascar. Also I love Nemo.

2. The funniest movie I’ve seen recently was:

Tangled. My boys were laughing out loud in the movie theater. We basically have a whole row because there are so many of us. We have a huge bag of popcorn, so everyone has popcorn and Coca-Cola. I look at my husband [Seal], and it is so not how we grew up. Here it is all about snacking.

3. In school I usually made people laugh or was humored by:

I would make people laugh in school. A lot of times I had to sit outside the classroom, too. I would always talk with my best friend, Karen. She is still my best friend, and has one kid. We were thick as thieves together and a lot of times we would just do stupid things in school. A lot of times we were just not interested, especially in religion. It had something to do with our teacher, and we were just not that into it.

4. My favorite comedic actor is:

Jim Carrey. I always loved him and the faces he makes.

5. The most fun place to visit:

New York, probably, after Disneyland. New York is kind of Disneyland for grown-ups. We go to Disneyland every five to six months. We live in California. It’s only an hour drive and we love it, and kids love it, and why not? I love to go to New York without the kids and go to restaurants, and see plays.

6. The funniest outfit you ever modeled was:

I did a cover for Time magazine and I was wearing this yellow dress with ruffles and feathers and it looked like Tweety Bird. It looked really funny, and it was almost impossible to figure out how to put it on.

7. I once laughed so hard:

They had to stop rolling, so 60 people had to wait until I could catch myself again and my eyes had to be retouched.

So what made you laugh that hard?

It was Michael [Kors] on Project Runway. It was all his fault. He started laughing, then I started laughing, and Nina [Garcia] started laughing, and honestly it was one of those frenzies you laugh yourself into, and we could not stop. We were back in kindergarten and all giggling and laughing and doing something naughty. I can’t tell you what it was because it was kind of mean, laughing at somebody.