Singers get their last chance on American Idol

by Ruth Anne Boulet

This point in the competition always seems to slow down to a crawl. I appreciate being able to hear more singers, but after awhile the backstory-singer-singer-backstory pattern can get monotonous. Especially when singers repeat the same song over & over again. The only difference is where they put the extraneous & completely unnecessary runs.

Like My Prerogative. Yes, that Bobby Brown classic roared it’s ‘wow this doesn’t display any vocal range’ head again. Chris Medina and his sad story took that song on as did Carson the crazy blonde guy. Carson is this year’s Norman Gentile only without the crazy outfits and the awesome “Seacreeeessssttttt!”

Jacqueline Dunford, the blonde third wheel between the exes, has to drop out of the competition because she’s just too sick. I don’t know if she’s the one they were referencing with the shot of an ambulance at the end of last night’s show, but no one else was sick, so she must’ve been the only ‘lucky’ one.

Jacob Lusk decided that God Bless the Child really needed a lot more runs in it. While I would disagree, he did display an incredible range. He left it all on stage; he’s bawling when he gets off stage.

Ashley the edited-to-be-unstable one finally breaks in front of the judges when she forgets her lyrics. She’s not the only one though. American Idol graciously provided closed-captioning of botched lyrics.

What’s with all the mothers & relatives in Hollywood Week? I know the minors need a guardian there, but it seems like the adults have posses as well. Personally, I wouldn’t want family or friends there. Perhaps they’ve always been there during Hollywood week, but we didn’t see them. I would be ok with not seeing them again.

This episode ends with the split-everyone-into-rooms-and-give-the-whole-room-the-news. Once one room gets good news, every other room hears the cheers & know that there’s one less chance to get on the show. Those making it through are ecstatic, but there’s no time to relax. The survivors will be going to Las Vegas to perform Beatles songs. Only 24 will be left by a week from tonight.