The top 10 Movies On Demand of 2010

By Ryan Berenz

Global digital media measurement and research company Rentrak released its Multi-Screen Top Performing Titles of 2010 list, which includes the top viewed Movies On Demand from last year:

Title/VOD Release Date/Domestic Box Office Gross (Millions)
1. The Blind Side (3/23/10) $226
2. Couples Retreat (2/9/10) $109.2
3. The Twilight Saga: New Moon (3/19/10) $296.6
4. Hot Tub Time Machine (Unrated) (6/29/10) $50.3
5. Grown Ups (11/9/10) $162
6. Date Night (8/10/10) $98.7
7. It’s Complicated (4/27/10) $112.7
8. The Book of Eli (6/15/10) $94.8
9. Shutter Island (6/8/10) $128
10. The Hurt Locker (1/12/10) $17

The Blind Side got a huge boost from Sandra Bullock’s Oscar-winning performance, and her personal life making headlines around the same time as the VOD release probably didn’t hurt the movie’s buys. The Hurt Locker was another film that people probably missed on the big screen, but it benefited from award-season buzz around its VOD release date. A little surprising is the number of forgettable comedies that made the list. Couples Retreat in the No. 2 spot is a bit of a surprise, considering how most critics hated it. Same could be said of Grown Ups in the No. 5 spot. Could it be that VOD is the place where we indulge our guilty pleasures? We might be ashamed to go to the box office and ask for “two for Hot Tub Time Machine,” but the anonymity of ordering at home with your remote control on VOD probably helped these movies make the list.

Noticeably absent from the list were big box-office grossing movies like  Sherlock Holmes (3/30/10), Avatar (5/9/10), Alice in Wonderland (6/16/10) and Iron Man 2 (10/5/10), showing that what appeals on the big screen doesn’t always translate to VOD (though everyone on Earth saw Avatar on the big screen, so they didn’t feel compelled to pay for it again on VOD). The same could be said for movies like Toy Story 3 (12/2/10), Inception (12/7/10) and The Twilight Saga: Eclipse (12/4/10) which may have been released too late in the year to get enough buys to make the list (or their DVDs were popular purchases for Christmas).

Another interesting note is that every one of the top 10 Movies On Demand were released the same day as their DVD street date, proving the success of studios using the Day & Date VOD strategy.

So what will the top VOD movies of 2011 be? Based on what we’ve learned from the trends, we’d expect Dinner for Schmucks (1/7/11), The Social Network (2/2/11), The Fighter (3/15/11), The King’s Speech (4/19/11), The Little Fockers (4/5/11) and The Dilemma (5/3/11) to be up there. Please prove us wrong on Fockers.

Photo: © 2009 Alcon Film Fund, LLC. All Rights Reserved. Credit: Ralph Nelson

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