FitTV rebranded as Discovery Fit & Health starting today

In the wake of Discovery Health becoming OWN: Oprah Winfrey Network last month, more changes are afoot. For those who may be missing some of the medical and baby type shows that were on Discovery Health (a few of those do remain on OWN), you should find what you are looking for as FitTV is renamed Discovery Fit & Health starting today.

According to Discovery, the newly named network will “entertain viewers with gripping, real-life dramas featuring storytelling that chronicles the human experience from the cradle to the grave.  Calling on the network’s long history of health programming, content will include forensic mysteries, amazing medical stories, emergency room trauma dramas, baby and pregnancy programming, parenting challenges, and stories of extreme life conditions, supercharged with a new slate of premiere series and important specials.”

Discovery Fit & Health will continue hit franchises previously seen on Discovery Health, including Dr. G: Medical Examiner, 911: The Bronx, Untold Stories of the ER, I’m Pregnant and … and more. Early mornings will offer FitTV workout programming like Bodies in Motion with Gilad, Namaste Yoga, Shimmy and others. Discovery Health’s popular theme weeks , such as Baby Week and Psych Week, will also transfer to Discovery Fit & Health. In addition to these established shows, the new network will be developing original productions and acquiring programming from around the world.

And, for fans of Discovery Health’s more sensationally titled shows, fear not. After a quick look at this week’s upcoming programming on Discovery Fit & Health, we see that you can find The Women With 15 Personalities, World’s Strongest Toddler, Sex Change! and 650-lb Virgin.

Discovery Fit & Health is found at the channel location currently occupied by FitTV; check your local cable or satellite system for more specific channel number info, or visit this page. For more information about Discovery Fit & Health, visit


  1. I do Gilad’s 6:30 class every day and love it. I actually resigned from my fitness club because I can his program in my own home without makeup etc. He has been the best fitness instructor for several years and I am so glad that you have not taken him off the air. I know you had yoga on early at one time and I wrote to you that I felt like I was being put back to sleep I like Gilad’s program because it gets me stimulated and active for the day. I am a little disappointed that you decided to take the other exercise classes off the air. Will you add any of those back again? I will check my email and your website for an answer. Thank you. Linda Dresher

  2. my sisters and i used to love all the various exercise programmes on fit tv, they were our only means of trying to stay healthy because of the nature of our jobs. we could tune in any time day or night, now we have nothing and we are getting fat and unhealthy again. own could have carried these exercise programme since they bought the channel. it is so sad. who knows maybe because of this i may be meeting doctor g very soon. please do something for us

  3. I grieve that all the daily yoga and other exercises that were on FIT TV are now GONE!!! Will they ever be brought back on this channel? It used to be the only channel I would tune to for at least 1-2 hours daily. Not anymore, with all that’s being shown there now. Depressing!!!

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