Fact or Fiction: The Lowdown on the Charlie Sheen Situation

By now it is common knowledge that the hit CBS show Two and a Half Men will go on a 3-month break while star Charlie Sheen attends rehab, but what is not certain is the current and future state of the show. So in addition to wishing Sheen well in getting the help that he desperately needs, we here at Channel Guide also wanted to clear up many of the rumors that have been circulating lately.


Fact: The show will remain the same when Sheen returns.
Fiction: The name of the show will be changed to Two Guys, a Kid and a Whorehouse.

Fact: CBS will have to find another program to fill the void in its Monday night lineup.
Fiction: It will be a sitcom for Julie Chen, wife of CBS honcho and nepotism advocate Les Moonves.

Fact: Cast and crew members are concerned whether they will be paid during the 3-month break.
Fiction: Sheen offered to compensate everybody with poker chips from the Bellagio and a trial subscription to a porn website.

Fact: The hiatus will give Sheen’s co-star Jon Cryer an opportunity to pick up some extra work.
Fiction: There are a lot of TV and movie producers looking to hire Jon Cryer for extra work.

Fact: CBS would in no way try to capitalize on Sheen’s problems to maintain the show’s ratings.
Fiction: Doctors Drew, Phil, Oz and Ruth will appear in an upcoming episode.

Fact: Sheen’s character will still be a womanizing party animal.
Fiction: It will not be creepy at all that Sheen will still be playing a womanizing party animal.