Photographer Peter Lik Finds Home On Weather Channel

Peter Lik, credit: Denise Truscello

By Barb Oates

(Pasadena, Calif) TCA Press Tour – Australian photographer Peter Lik is one of the most celebrated landscape photographers of our day. The Weather Channel will showcase his talent and travels in a new action adventure series set to debut in late March.  The 13-episode, as-yet-to-be-titled, series will follow Lik across the U.S. in search of the most dramatic landscapes sculpted by nature.

“I’ve taken over, you know, two million photographs in my life, probably a lot more that I forgot about, but there’s only a few select, that .001 percent that actually make it onto the gallery wall,” Lik says.  “And if you are familiar with any of my galleries, any of my photography, you have to feel that particular photograph inside your heart. It’s something that is very hard to express. But it’s something I want to get out to you on the show and come along on the journey with me. The smell of the rain in the forest, whether it’s just been raining or, you know, the fresh snow on your hands and, you know, the smell of that beautiful breeze coming to you. You know, Mother Nature is all embedded in our DNA, and I guess that’s why I have been successful in capturing that and showcasing that.

“This is a shot that I took on the Kilauea lava flow.

Peter Lik's photograph "Pele's Whisper"

It’s a live lava flow last year.  And if if you look closely, in the top, left-hand corner, you can see, actually, the face of Pele. And this one, this shot has won me 12 major awards around the world.  And you risk your life to staying on collapsed into the ocean.  But that filled you up with adrenaline.  You don’t really care.  You’ve just got to get the shot.”

Lik’s fine art galleries are in the U.S. and Australia ( He recently celebrated a first, selling one of his photos for one million dollars.

Peter Lik, "Sacred Sunrise"
Peter Lik's "Icy Waters"