Ideas to get in the holiday mood from Phineas and Ferb

Phineas and Ferb, from the Disney Channel hit series, have provided us with some ways in which they would make Christmas extraordinary:

Perry the Platypus Fruit Cake

What says Christmas more than a fruit cake? Well, at Christmastime, Phineas and Ferb like to make a fruitcake in honor of someone who’s very special to them. Here’s what you do.  First, get a rectangular fruit cake, either homemade or store bought, and stick a graham cracker into it at one of the smaller ends.  On the opposite end, stick a quarter of a piece of orange peel. Now, and this part sounds a little weird, you’ll need two olives, two marshmallows and two toothpicks. Take each toothpick, stick it through the olive and the marshmallow, and then stick both of them above the orange peel and look who you’ve got … Perry the Platypus.  Borrow your dad’s fedora and you’ve got your very own Agent P!

Phineas and Ferb Cookies

Christmas is a great time for getting the family together to make sugar cookies.  But instead of holiday shapes, why not cut out Phineas and Ferb?  Phineas is a simple triangle and Ferb is a rectangle with a bump for a nose.  Perry is basically a log with a beak and a tail.  If you want to get fancy, you might even make one of Doof’s “-inators.”   Decorate them all with icing and sprinkles to make the most delicious Danville residents you’ve ever eaten.

S’Winter S’Wonderland

If you’re lucky enough to have snow this Christmas, don’t waste your time building a regular old snowman. Phineas-and-Ferbasize it and build the biggest snowman in the world. And better yet, make it into your favorite Phineas and Ferb character.

World’s Biggest Present

Who wouldn’t want to see the world’s biggest Christmas present on their front lawn?  Even Candace couldn’t object to that. Visit a furniture or appliance store and ask for an empty box, the bigger the better.  Cover it in all kinds of wrapping paper and use construction paper to make the biggest bow you’ve ever seen.   Put it out in the front yard to bring the Christmas spirit to your whole block.

Sing! Sing! Sing!

Most people love songs. And there are tons of Christmas songs that everyone loves to hear. Gather up your friends and family members and make a quick stop at a retirement home or a hospital or anywhere that people can’t get out for Christmas. Do a little singing and you’ll truly make their day and yours!  (P.S.  In between the old classics, be sure to throw in a little “Gitchie Gitchie Goo!”)

Recycled Christmas Tree

Don’t you wonder what you can be doing with all those old magazines, paper bags and loose paper scraps you have lying around the house? Well now you can literally transform them into a fun family holiday activity with a Recycled Christmas Tree!

Here’s what you do:

— Take all the loose scraps, old magazines and paper bags you see, make seven separate layers of the sheet and carefully roll them up into a tube. Make sure you overlap the ends so the tube is secure, and roll it up so that the width of the tube is about three inches across.

–Place the tube on a table and flatten it lengthwise, creasing the sides into a long, flat tube. Then, using your super-strength (gained from eating fruits and vegetables like kumquats and beets), start at one end of the flattened tube and tear it down halfway right to the middle.

–Now unflatten the tube, turn it halfway around and re-flatten it so that the torn sides are now on the left and right, right where you make the new creases as you flatten the tube again!

–Now use your super-strength again and, starting at the same torn end, tear it right down the middle so that you’ve created four flaps made of recycled paper.  Count them! See, even Buford could do this!

–Now pick up the flattened tube and unflatten it, making it round again, and pull the four flaps of shredded paper down on each side, so it looks like a wilted plant with four long thin flaps made of many layers of paper. Got it?

–Now hold it up like a torch and reach up inside the top of the wilted paper flaps and start slowly pulling up the inside of the tube, pulling the flaps up higher and higher into the air!

And in one minute–presto!–you will have a five foot tall Recycled Christmas Tree!  All you have to do now for the full Phineas and Ferb effect is to seal the bottom of the tube with scotch tape, go outside, get some green poster paints, and have your little brother or sister hold it while you paint the whole thing green! It’s family time, so if your little brother and sister want to help, give them a paint brush too.

Voila!  You’ve done a good deed by recycling old papers while at the same time playing with your little brother or sister! Remember not to put lights on your paper tree as that can be a fire hazard but don’t worry, be creative and paint lights on it instead!


Credit: Disney Channel