VOD Spotlight: Wealth of comedy in “Lottery Ticket”

In the comedy Lottery Ticket, Bow Wow plays Kevin Carson, a poor kid in the projects whose winning numbers in a Friday night drawing on the Fourth of July 3-day weekend may make him an instant multimillionaire — if he can hold onto the ticket long enough to claim the prize with so many of his neighbors trying to steal it from him. With friends, neighbors, local thugs and even his minister hot on the trail of the ticket, Kevin is going to have one wild weekend.

Bow Wow says of the predicament his character finds himself in, “Kevin’s just a regular guy, going through the things that any normal teenager would go through … if they happened to hit the lottery for $370 million dollars. He’s just trying to keep it quiet and get through the weekend until he can claim his money. Of course, nothing goes the way he plans it.”

Director Erik White has his own idea of what he would do with such a windfall. “It sounds corny, but I would give back, personally, to people. I don’t think I’d give to any organization but just make it my goal to help neighborhoods and individuals.” White then adds, “Also I’d buy a yacht, a football team and maybe an island. And I wouldn’t tell anyone — at least, that would be the plan. But it’s hard to keep that kind of thing a secret. Most likely, the same thing would happen to me that happens to Kevin.”

“Lottery Ticket” is now showing on Video On Demand. Check your cable system for availability.


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