How will England fare at the World Cup? We asked actor Ian McShane

kings_0309_webWhile interviewing actor Ian McShane for the upcoming Starz miniseries The Pillars of the Earth, Channel Guide Magazine‘s Karl Paloucek had a chance to pick McShane’s brain about the World Cup, particularly his native England’s chances of winning (or choking away) this tournament. McShane knows a little about football — his father, Harry McShane, played for Manchester United from 1951-54. Here’s what McShane had to say about the Three Lions’ hopes in South Africa:

I’m surprised they haven’t come out with another song again, about, “Football’s coming home!” or one of those pathetic songs they bring out every four years, about how England is going to win the World Cup again. No, I think Spain are probably going to win it. Spain and Brazil I put up there — I mean, England will probably get to the quarterfinals. I can see them getting through the group. If Rooney’s fit — which he will be, because you know, my team is Manchester United … my dad played for them, so I know them all. I was there a couple of weeks ago, at the grounds. I went to see the Spurs game. And I was talking to Alex Ferguson, their manager, and he said, “It was classic — yesterday, we lost the title to Chelsea by one point.” But that’s football. It’s a cruel game, and that’s why it’s the most fascinating game, I think. Because you can dominate, and then lose one-nothing on some fluke. Which is just like life, you know? I think we’ll definitely get to the quarterfinals, maybe to the semifinals, and we’ll probably get a man sent off and lose by one goal, and then the whole country can complain for another three years. Because we’re very good at that — “We were robbed! We’ll see you next time!” — you know?

Photo: Credit: Eric Liebowitz/NBC

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