World Cup Viewers Guide from Channel Guide Magazine

By Ryan Berenz


It’s the biggest sports event in the world, and it only happens every four years. The FIFA World Cup soccer tournament takes place June 11-July 11 from nine cities in South Africa, and whether you’re a futbol fanatic or this is the first soccer you’ve seen since 2006, you need to check out Channel Guide Magazine‘s special online World Cup Viewers Guide devoted entirely to the World Cup. In it you’ll find:

  • A photo slideshow featuring profiles of the top players and teams to watch.
  • Previews of all 32 international teams, including analysis of each team’s strengths and weaknesses, their impact players, and their chances of contending in the tournament.
  • Complete TV schedules for matches on ESPN, ESPN2, ABC, Univision and Telefutura. View TV schedules by day, by team or see which matches are airing on your favorite network.
  • News, updates, features, photos, videos and more on the World Cup blog.

Make your World Cup companion all month long!

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