Where to watch the 2010 NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race

NASCAR has made a few adjustments to its non-points All-Star race. Last year, the 10-lap shootout was added as the final segment. This year, the lineup for that shootout will be set by how fast pit crews can change four tires and get their drivers back on the track, as the order in which the cars exit pit road will be how they line up for the final 10 laps.

The 26th NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race airs Saturday, May 22, at 7pm ET on SPEED Channel (HD) from Charlotte Motor Speedway. Drivers qualify by winning a race in 2009 or 2010, winning a past All-Star Race, winning a past Sprint Cup Series championship, finishing in the top two in the Sprint Showdown 40-lap preliminary race or by winning the Sprint Fan Vote. The winner of the All-Star Race gets a $1 million prize.

“We saw last year just how competitive this format can be, with Tony Stewart battling Matt Kenseth for the win on the final couple of laps,” says Robin Pemberton, NASCAR vice president of competition. “With the addition of the four-tire pit stop, there is going to be even greater competition between the pit crews on who can get their driver serviced and out the quickest. I think fans are in for quite a show.”

NASCAR Sprint All-Star Race Format
Segment 1 50 laps with mandatory pit stop on Lap 25 in which cars must take on four tires.
Segment 2 20 laps with the caution flag displayed at the end for an optional pit stop.
Segment 3 20 laps with a 10-minute break at the end. Teams may make normal adjustments during the break. The finishing order after Segment 3 determines the field’s lineup for Segment 4.
Segment 4 After one pace lap, all cars must pit for a four-tire stop. The order in which the cars exit pit road is how they will line up for the 10-lap shootout with only green-flag laps counting.

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