Vampire fans – get two bites of summer fun on The CW

moonlightBy Elaine Bergstrom
Before vampires became really hot again – call it “The Twilight Factor” – there were other fanged heroes whose shows came and went in the time it takes a creature of the night to shift to bat form. Among them was Moonlight, featuring the recently immortal private eye Mick St. John who used wit and his powerful vampire abilities to help the living (is anyone else remembering Angel or Nick Knight?).

Mick was turned 60 years earlier by his bride, Coraline. Unlike others of his kind, he does not view humans as merely food. In Moonlight, he falls in love with a woman whose life he had saved years earlier, leading to deadly complications for both of them.

Moonlight will air Thursday nights at 9pm ET beginning June 3, preceded by encore episodes of The Vampire Diaries.