8 Questions With … Megan Mullally

1. What has been your strangest fan encounter?

Megan Mullally: I have a lot of fans who want to look like me, so I have a lot of fans who cut their hair like me and wear glasses. I’ve gotten a lot of gifts. I’ve gotten a lot of meticulously drawn pencil sketches of my face or of Nick [Mullally’s husband Nick Offerman of NBC’s Parks and Recreation] and I. Once I got a needlepoint portrait of me. Very nice fans, but they can go a teeny-weeny bit overboard.

2. When was the last time you were starstruck?

I love Randy Newman, of all people. … I met him once. He was scoring a movie on the scoring stage at Sony, and I got to go and watch. I shook his hand real quick and he said, “Hello.”

3. If your TV only aired three shows, which three would you want?

Six Feet Under. I kind of want to say Breaking Bad, even though there’s a lot of violence in it. I just think it’s such a good show. And probably the old Tonight Show with Johnny Carson.

4. What’s one thing your Party Down character, Lydia Dunfree, has in common with your Will & Grace character, Karen Walker?

They’re both clueless of the effect that they have on other people.

5. Do you still have plans to do Karen: The Musical?

Yeah. It hasn’t been written yet, so it’s a couple of years out. Fox Theatrical is producing it, Casey Nicholaw is directing it and Jeff Blumenkrantz is composing. It’s a matter of finding the right book writers. I just want to do something that will be super, funny, irreverent and wrong. Just so wrong.

6. Is there a funnier man on TV right now than your husband?

No. That was an easy one. … If you’ll forgive the pun, I’ve been sitting on top of this secret for the last 10 years because I’ve known all this time how great he is.

7. Is it true that you discovered Bill Hader?

It’s so funny. He was in an improv class with my brother-in-law — Nick’s brother, Matt Offerman. … They put a sketch show together and we went to see it one night at this 49-seat theater at The Improv. And I was like, “Wait a minute, this guy is like a superstar.” … [Afterward] I said, “Hey, you’re great. I know this is a really weird thing to say because we just met, but would it be weird if I called [Saturday Night Live creator/executive producer] Lorne Michaels about you?”

8. Since Will & Grace ended, how many reruns of the show have you watched?

I don’t think I’ve ever watched one. … It’s really just because I don’t even have time to watch shows that I want to watch — although I somehow manage to watch every single episode of Jersey Shore.