ESPN Outside the Lines looks at women ski jumpers shut out of Olympics

By Ryan

We covered the exclusion of women’s ski jumping from the Winter Olympics earlier, and now this Sunday ESPN’s Outside the Lines takes a deeper look at at the controversy. From ESPN:

Outside the Lines (Sunday, Feb. 14, 9am ET ESPN)
Ski jumping, an Olympic sport for men since the first Games in 1924, is the only sport other than Nordic Combine at the 2010 Vancouver Games that doesn’t include women. While the International Ski Federation says more than 150 women from 17 countries compete at an elite level, women jumpers, led by American Lindsey Van, have unsuccessfully fought for inclusion at the Olympics for the past decade. David Amber reports.

“I definitely think it’s sexist because they’re leaving out a group of great athletes that can perform at a very high level. I think they’re leaving us out because they don’t know how to deal with us quite yet.” — Lindsey Van, Gold medalist at the first Women’s Ski Jumping World Championships last March
“To become an Olympic sport, a sport must be widely practiced around the world and have a big appeal. This is not the case for women’s ski jumping. There is no discrimination whatsoever.” — Jacques Rogge, IOC President

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  1. I have known Lindey Van since she was a little girl in Park City Ut. She was always a huge inspiration to us all. To not let these women jump is a huge disgrace and a total disappointment, There are women doing every other sport why not let them jump. The reasons for not allowing it are ridiculous, and prehistoric. There would a market for women jumpers. It seems to me the IOC is just being stubborn and set in their ways. Give them a shot at the gold, you guys were allowed your shot.

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