Have Leland and Duane Lee Chapman left “Dog The Bounty Hunter?”

UPDATE: A&E cancels Dog the Bounty Hunter

Sigh. If this is true, my insomnia-nights On Demand go-to of choice is in horrible peril.

Multiple sources are reporting that Duane “Dog” Chapman’s two bounty-hunting man-pups have fled the pound to devote all their time to a new web-app and t-shirt venture called ChapBros. Also involved in the endeavor is straight-laced computer whiz Chapman brother Wesley who recently made a memorable appearance on an episode of Dog The Bounty Hunter in which big brother Duane Lee convinced him to taste mace.


Depending on whom you choose to believe, the boys’ ball-busting blonde-bombshell stepmama Beth cut them loose from the family bounty hunting biz in a fit of rage over the new venture. Or the brothers quit on their own and the show’s production company has now given them 24 — or maybe 48 — hours to return to work and make good on their contracts before putting a reality TV bounty on their own ungrateful butts.

Either way, it doesn’t look good for Dog fans who had just gotten used to non-brother brother Tim Chapman’s arrest-induced permanent absence. On the other hand, there ARE about 15 other Chapman offspring who may finally be waiting for their turn at the mace cans and paintball guns.

Stay tuned.

• Update: Duane Lee Chapman’s back on Dog The Bounty Hunter

Photo: A&E


  1. It was without a doubt the two boys that closed the deal with what kept the viewers interested. It certainly was not the Old Dog lagging behind after the capture that kept us comming back for more cause his better days of running these criminals down is done.It also was not the Bossy,loud mouth do nothing Beth that people tuned in to watch either even though she wanted it to be. Beth was always back in the car or playing the tough guy only and i stress only when she had her protectors around her or after the criminal was caught. The worst part was that she thought she was actually part of the catch and all mouthy jumping in like she even lifted a finger to help.Beth to bad we never got to see you back up that big talk and Dog to bad you couldnt control your loud mouth wife from tearing up your family and what you built so beautifully before she got there. If she would have realized she was just a PART of the whole team instead of what made it go maybe we would still be enjoying the chase.


  3. I hate to see the boys gone, but I had issues with the show and who Dog and Beth present themselves to be long before that. As for folks that are criticizing others posts on here, I believe that some of those posts are from people who are not from the U.S. and they would naturally have a difficult time with spelling and the language…….cut them some slack, for Pete’s sake!

  4. It going to really suck if Leland and Duane Lee leave they are awesome to watch.and I have missed young blood for such along time now.I love you all it just won’t be the same.and I hope Lisa is doing good. Godbless you all!!!

  5. I love all of you. It’s nice to watch Leland,Youngblood,Duane Lee, and even Dog. But over the years they have turned into characters especially Beth, the money has gone to her head. Having said that, these people are humans with pasts that do qualify them to understand. Regardless of what they look like, they are doing good things and sending good messages for the kids. Don’t do drugs! They are caring people. I don’t watch the show much anymore but Beth isn’t that bad in the end she cares and loves her family. If all mothers were that involved they’d be bull dogs too. I would love to meet them for a sit down chat. Would be really nice to see Tim back and hope the best for each and every one of them. Lisa all the power to you, keep your head up, be strong and living well is the best revenge!!!!

  6. I am so sick of Beth Chapman. what does she do on bounty hntss except boss people around. If i talaked to my husband rhe way she does Dog he would leave me. She humilates the man. I started to dislike her when they had that sweet 16 party for her daughter Cecily. It was so lavish and she got a expensive car for her birthday. It urks me to no end. There are so many poor in Hawaii amd they do rhay.Shame on you Chapman family leadersWhy does Beth wear high heels when she is on a bBounty I think she got rid of the 2 sons so she can roll Cecily in the business. Another bossy women yeah. Wht does beth dress like she does on on a Bounty. Wouldn’t you dress comfortably. Not high heels.She can’t run in them, She just risking injury to herself.I will not watch the show with Daune Lee and Leland gone. It is Beth who should go not them. As far as i am concerned she killed the show.She is not the show. It is about a family hunting together You are a mother,start dressing like one. I do not dress my age either but she looks cheap.Until the boys are back i am done with the Bounty Hunter. I can’t believe Dog is letting this happen. Be a man for a change. You talk about how important your family is. Sure doesn’t look like they matter to you know. Does every child of yours have to bounty hunt. Do they not have a choice?

    • I agree I’m done with the dog until the boys are back or have their own show….lets face it….whats beth going to catch…a cold? If it weren’t for the boys they would never catch their man….its leland and dewayne that do all the running and climbing….the dog has seen better days let it go ….RETIRE

    • You are a product of class envy. First most poor people put themselves in that situation, by depending on government to supply “free money” like liberals like to call it. When I see those woman with 4 and 5 kids, not working, fat as a pig, all on government assistance, it is obvious they are the problem. Everyone I know has gone to college ON THEIR OWN BY THEIR PARENTS PAYING FOR IT, NOT THE GOVERNMENT. They work and raise their children to respect officers and authority, that’s why none have ever ended in prison. They marry and raise a family properly and have only what they can afford, because they have to much pride to lived off the taxpayer as so many in Hawaii and mainland US do. Second this is a business, its not a kumbaya, rose colored world that the liberals have molded you into. You just drip with wealth envy. And is obvious you did not do your homework as a child, for you cannot spell.

      • What you are saying is class warfare!! Yes some people have ascribed socail status, opportunities come easier, they are raised differently because their environments are different! They are not better because they were born into a different class and socail status! Marginalized groups have different challenges to over come, and their road can be difficult!! This post is ignorant, and quite frankly it sounds as if you haven’t been to a post secondary school at all!! Yes there is a cycle that continues in lower class culture, but there are alot of success stories, and when they do succeed, they have overcome alot more than rich, upperclass citizens!! We should encourage change, help eachother achieve goals, and try to have an open perspective!! Everyone gets help in some way or form and this post is uneducated and misinformed. disabuse yourself of your ignorance, read a book and walk a mile in someone else’s shoes. There are alot of factors that influence a persons status in life, and reducing yourself to name calling is embarrassing!

  7. I’ve been watching this show for years. Beth has always had a big mouth but since her and Dog tied the knot she’s worse then she’s ever been. I think she had the Dog’s ball removed. And if I were Duane’s kids I would put a muzzle on that hitch and shut her big mouth up for 5 minutes. She does’nt know how to talk without screaming.Duane and his kids have always caught their guy doing it their way,they don’t need the wicked stepmother stepping in and trying to take over a family bussiness.

  8. Come on back Duane Lee and Leland, show won’t be same with out you guys. Fans in United Kingdom will miss you

  9. hey hi guys how are you in canada we watch you episode all of it excuse my english but i am french, at leasei tryed. guys i like your jobs i was securite guard for 15 years i love it but i have kids care accident i have bad back .if i am yonger i would like trye your jobs buytheway says hi to beth and dog

  10. This is show is over. Once Beth started to dominate the show it went downhill rapidly. Dog lost his leadership. The only person left who can chase a criminal is Sonny. Beth is only foul mouthed and contributes nothing to the show. Beth and Mary Ellen should become the Bounty Bitches. Dog just became the new Fred.

    • It is perfectly obvious to this police widow that Beth is the glue that holds this family together in every way. Duane Lee owes a very large debt of gratitude and respect to the two people in his life who gave him the material things, values and tremendous advantage that he now has. The same goes for Leland. As a mother I know you can give it all to your children but the return is no better than the current interest rates!

  11. I love the show after Lisa’s arrest where she becomes friends w/the little oxy head – Lisa tries to act all sponser like, but they end up having to arrest the girl when she relapses – – making Lisa look like such a winner and the girl a poor addict who will just never learn… What a Joke! (Gotta show how great she is in comparison to the other poor pitiful souls out there… jmo

  12. I love watching your show and was sadden that a family member may be leaving if this is so my family wish all your family the best in every way all thou they will be missed you forever have them in your heart. You have one amazing family and NO one can take that from you for there are no greater gift of love than family. God Bless each and every one and we will keep watching no matter what

  13. Its sad to see a family take the bounty hunting business to its knees. As a bounty hunter myself, I know that these instances dont go on like they portray. Beth is just begging to steal the spotlight in this show and really has no business being in it. If anything, she belongs behind a desk and if the Chapman family came to virginia trying any of there tactics on people, theyd be arrested themselves.

  14. I don’t know what all is going on and can’t wait for the March 14th shows to come on. but know that if the boys don’t come back I won’t need the DVR.

  15. Somebody really really really needs to write a song called “Fat Guy With A Hair Weave” and pronto.

  16. Take away Tim, Leland, and Duane Lee and what do you have? A fat guy with a hair weave, a fat woman with a nasty attitude, and a daughter/stepdaughter who gets drunk and assaults neighborhood houses. Problem is, I don’t know who could possibly catch the perps if they run – not those three! And if being arrested(Tim) gets you kicked off the show, Dog & Baby Lyssa don’t make the cut either. That leaves Beth alone to yell at everyone.
    Like all the other trailer trash reality shows, it is entertaining and the personalities of the boys add much more. But everything has its run and without them, I don’t see the entertainment value.

  17. With out the original crew is like watching swamp people without the gators, Or Axe People without the trees, Sponge Bob without the Sponge.. Get my point. Beth’s loud annoying mouth needs to be checked. Also bring back Tim Chapman”Youngblood” he was found not guilty in court so A&E don’t convict an innocent man. 1 once a convic Always one. Dog is a convic and you televise a covicted felon, So youngblood got into a little trouble but the U.S courts found him innocent. Bring back the O.G Crew.

  18. They should cut beth out, She gives me a head ache. So I don’t blame them boys for packing up and leaving. I don’t think their can be a season 10 after season 9 flops. No Tim Chapman, Leland Chapman, No Duane Lee.. Man they kept the show interesting not Beth…. But whatever.. Been a fan of this show since the start but don’t think I want to watch the Beth Screaming for no reason with them ghetto ass nails thru the gloves show.. So long to one great show.. Dang

  19. Ummmm Beth we watch the show for the boys and baby Lisa ,not your .The show is dead now……..Time for your speeches to work in prison dog

    • Doggod???? okay Y’all (what the hell are you?? A HILL BILLIE??? You need to learn how to speak.. Y’all is not a word. It is you all. And that is not the proper way to speak.

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