Have Leland and Duane Lee Chapman left “Dog The Bounty Hunter?”

UPDATE: A&E cancels Dog the Bounty Hunter

Sigh. If this is true, my insomnia-nights On Demand go-to of choice is in horrible peril.

Multiple sources are reporting that Duane “Dog” Chapman’s two bounty-hunting man-pups have fled the pound to devote all their time to a new web-app and t-shirt venture called ChapBros. Also involved in the endeavor is straight-laced computer whiz Chapman brother Wesley who recently made a memorable appearance on an episode of Dog The Bounty Hunter in which big brother Duane Lee convinced him to taste mace.


Depending on whom you choose to believe, the boys’ ball-busting blonde-bombshell stepmama Beth cut them loose from the family bounty hunting biz in a fit of rage over the new venture. Or the brothers quit on their own and the show’s production company has now given them 24 — or maybe 48 — hours to return to work and make good on their contracts before putting a reality TV bounty on their own ungrateful butts.

Either way, it doesn’t look good for Dog fans who had just gotten used to non-brother brother Tim Chapman’s arrest-induced permanent absence. On the other hand, there ARE about 15 other Chapman offspring who may finally be waiting for their turn at the mace cans and paintball guns.

Stay tuned.

• Update: Duane Lee Chapman’s back on Dog The Bounty Hunter

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  1. fire beth she is loud mouth bully anyway, she is hypocrite the way she talks to and about people and then turns around and tries to play nice. Leeland and Duane Lee are the show, Dog have some bite and quite barking and letting Beth run the show.


  3. i was just wondering did duane lee and leland give up on the dog the bounty hunter show people are saying they did i just wanted to now if its true i will miss them if they did i miss tim too and it wont be the same anymore im a huge dog the bounty hunter fan and a big fan so please please dont give up guys we need you on the team dont quit please

  4. or i will just watch reruns because the show rocks, its just… it sucks.. i might cry LOL……. I really do hope they reconsider but, its their choice ya know…

  5. It deifintely will NOT be the same without Leland or Duane Lee… I do not think I will watch it anymore… It is like, ruined now. No offense to Dog and Beth and Lyssa, it’s just I WILL miss them… that is IF they decide to quit… new episode in March though… I wish Leland and Duane Lee would see this and reconsider… DTBH will NOT be the same 🙁 I will stop watching the show if they quit!!!!

  6. I am so upset over Leland leaving the show. I will how ever pray that either he will return or start a show of his own. Duane Lee and Tim, I hope will do the same. I respect each and everyone that is in the family. It is not like they have money handed to them. They have fought hard and lost loved ones. I will still watch… GOD BLESS U ALL!

  7. well first an foremost i applaud an appreciate what they family does,they are good people.i faithfully watch them every week.i will really miss Leland, he is a hero of mine an i wish him the very best in what he plans to do. an my hat is off to “TheDog” , god bless you man, you have my utmost respect an appreciation for the man you are an the job you do, your a wonderful human being..may god bless in a big way the whole Chapman family, an thanks for the wonderful human beings you are.. peace:)

  8. it is on twitter 10 hours ago that leland said yes i no longer work on the show i am so dispointed but wen you message them on twitter you dont get nothing back i think what he does when he not in work is nothing to do with everyone as longer as it doesnt stop him from working he should be alond to do what he wants

  9. i think its sad and pathetic after what happened with lisa they havent said a word i think its selfish of beth and dog to cut their son over a new buisness to help the family you have lost a big fan i will no longer support or watch the show leeland and duane lee get ur own show and i will deff watch please come back please someone should say whats going on

  10. Only watch because of the Chapman kids if the brothers are gone I won’t watch.
    Boys start your own show and you will have a following.

  11. If you guys keep losing family members from the show it’s gonna be gd by show and maybe then beth can get her head out of the clouds & come back to earth and be a beautiful lady again, all the money & fame has went to her head big time.

  12. I’ve been told beth is a real bitch off camera, Dog I look up to hugely, But duane lee I never cared for any how he’s acts like a snob. Leland i like alot he’s willing to help anyway he can, baby lyssa i like also she’s a very gd mommy from what i’ve seen…….Now beth just 1 time i would like to see her smart mouth someone and get it back gd she’s to pushey & big mouth for her own gd sorry

  13. @Gwen

    Tim Chapman was arrested for “lewd acts” and “suspicion of attempted murder”… really would you want someone charged with those things around??

    He has also been raising his kids full time since his divorce so he probably CAN’T go out on bounties as much as he used to…

    this is all based on everything I have been able to find about him

    • Give me a break, just because you hear bullshit don’t make it so. People are innocent until proven guilty and he in my eyes was never proven guilty and where did the HELL did the ATTEMPTED MURDER COME INTO PLAY??? Quit assuming shit. Yea, he was good and one of the better ones. Beth (big titts) is a loud mouth BITCH..

  14. I am really diasppointed inthe Dog show! I don’t like to watch the newer shows because Tim Chapman was cut out without any explation. If Dwayne Lee and Leland leave the show, I know I won’t watch the show. Maybe we can hope the network will give them their own show.

    • I’m with you Gwen. I sure am not interested in watching a half-hour of Beth Takes Hawaii.(or Beth Takes Colorado)

  15. So if the boys left or quit the show what happened to baby Lyssa? I could still watch all the reruns.

  16. did Leland Chapman and Duane Chapman Lee really leave the show or did Beth Chapman fire them from dog the bounty hunter.

    • If Leland doesn’t return I’d like to know whose going to do all the running and catching of the bad guys, Dog’s wayy to old and outta shape as is Duane Lee but when are they going to quit promising to show this episode and let the public see it. Someone mentioned the kids….how much time does Dog & Beth actually spend with the young ones?

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