Have Leland and Duane Lee Chapman left “Dog The Bounty Hunter?”

UPDATE: A&E cancels Dog the Bounty Hunter

Sigh. If this is true, my insomnia-nights On Demand go-to of choice is in horrible peril.

Multiple sources are reporting that Duane “Dog” Chapman’s two bounty-hunting man-pups have fled the pound to devote all their time to a new web-app and t-shirt venture called ChapBros. Also involved in the endeavor is straight-laced computer whiz Chapman brother Wesley who recently made a memorable appearance on an episode of Dog The Bounty Hunter in which big brother Duane Lee convinced him to taste mace.


Depending on whom you choose to believe, the boys’ ball-busting blonde-bombshell stepmama Beth cut them loose from the family bounty hunting biz in a fit of rage over the new venture. Or the brothers quit on their own and the show’s production company has now given them 24 — or maybe 48 — hours to return to work and make good on their contracts before putting a reality TV bounty on their own ungrateful butts.

Either way, it doesn’t look good for Dog fans who had just gotten used to non-brother brother Tim Chapman’s arrest-induced permanent absence. On the other hand, there ARE about 15 other Chapman offspring who may finally be waiting for their turn at the mace cans and paintball guns.

Stay tuned.

• Update: Duane Lee Chapman’s back on Dog The Bounty Hunter

Photo: A&E

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  1. What a shame this family was tore apart. The boys held the show together. Won’t be the same without them. So long Dog.

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