FOX E-Valentine’s Day cards available

FOX is enabling fans to create personalized e-Valentines featuring popular characters from their “Animastewietion Domination” Sunday programming block (The Simpsons, The Cleveland Show, Family Guy and American Dad). The inside of the card can be personalized, while the outside features the character and a witty line, such as:

STEWIE (Family Guy) – “Love, like potty training, is messy, but rewarding.”; or “We all die alone. Happy Valentine’s.”; or “No one’s into you.”

PETER AND LOIS (Family Guy) – “Marriage is like an old book. It goes on forever and smells kinda funny.”

QUAGMIRE (Family Guy) – “Gotta love a holiday that makes chicks more desperate.”; or “Happy Valentine’s Day, woman-who-I’ll-never-see-again.”

RALLO (The Cleveland Show) – “Nothing says ‘I love you’ like a free e-card.”; or “This was literally the least I could do for you this Valentine’s Day.”

CLEVELAND AND DONNA (The Cleveland Show) – “Unlike our love, this card is worthless.”

MOE (The Simpsons) – “Lookin’ for love? Look elsewhere.”; or “Happy Valentine’s Day. Drinks 5% off.”

HOMER AND MARGE (The Simpsons) – “It’s Valentine’s Day – enable the one you love.”

STAN AND FRANCINE (American Dad) – “We keep our love like we keep my guns. Clean, cocked and ready to go off at a moment’s notice.”; or “Marry for looks and don’t look back.”

ROGER (American Dad) – “Valentine’s Day: The VD we can all celebrate.”

The cards are available at this site.