8 Questions With … Deborah Norville

1. You’re at a magazine rack and can pick three magazines. What are they?

One will be on knitting or crafting, then The Economist and Scientific American.

2. If your TV only carried three TV shows, which three would you want?

Brothers & Sisters, a cable news channel, and Meet the Press.

3. What’s your favorite sports team?

Georgia Bulldogs.

4. When was the last time you were starstruck?

In 1987 when I ran into Jim Nabors at the Saks in New York, and he knew who I was.

5. If you could pick one historical figure, past or present, to interview on Inside Edition, who would it be?

Thomas Jefferson. … He had an extraordinary vision, as did others of his time, like John Adams, in envisioning how this nation ought to be set up.

6. Your new book is about the power of respect. Other than blatant physical or verbal abuse, what is the most disrespectful thing people do to each other these days?

Ignoring other people. They say apathy is the cruelest emotion.

7. Are good manners and respect really going by the wayside, or do you think every generation thinks that as they get older?

I think the culture has become more conducive to disrespect. On the Internet, you can blog away with anonymity and say really hateful things without ever having to be held accountable. Talk radio is the same way, and we see it on some of the cable chat shows where people scream rather than calmly make their points. There seems to be this sense out there that it’s the loud, angry guy that wins. It’s certainly the loud, disrespectful guy that makes the headlines.

8. You’ve written a book about your passion for knitting, so what’s the last thing you’ve knitted?

It’s not a secret, so if my kid sees this, it’s fine. I’m working on an afghan for my son for Christmas. It’s a forest green blend, it’s the Deborah Norville Collection, and he’s going to love it.