Could you survive “Two Weeks in Hell?”


The U.S. Army Special Forces Green Berets are America’s elite warfare specialists. Candidates come from all across America, from both the military and civilian lives. The Special Forces Assessment and Selection (SFAS) has just two weeks to twist the candidates’ minds and destroy their bodies and find the very few who have what it takes to be a Green Beret. For those who try out, it’s an avalanche of chaos, stress, and doubt. Sixty percent of the candidates will not last the two weeks of testing — and passing this test is just for the opportunity to start real Green Beret training.

Get an unprecedented close-up look at the brutal two-weeks that separates the wannabes from the Berets when the two-hour special Two Weeks in Hell premieres Dec. 20 on Discovery Channel. — Elaine Bergstrom

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  2. Im not a millitarly personel or ne of that ima construction worker and if i didnt get into this complecated ordeal im in ide love to go and try this .. Unfourtanaly i cant so i just wana give props to the men n women who go thru this shit everyday you guys are my idle and i look up to everyone greatly. Keep up the good work!

  3. Wow I just saw the show! Yeah ole the memories! Lol!
    Yeah I cant say I was worried bout the guy next to me then either I was more worried bout just gettin thru it!
    Yeah the rifle PT was something else i agree. I never did puke though but I remember those who did!
    Though itz amazin how many people suck at land nav
    The trainin was tough but very very fun and rewardin in the end!

  4. Did you see the trailer with the guys puking? Ah, memories. I was too busy sucking to see how the guy next to me was. I think that rifle PT was harder than Log PT. But the RTL was the hardest part of the Q.

  5. ayou go through SFAS stud? plenty of rangers who went through didn’t get selected or got broke off. alot due to shitty lan nav, shitty teamwork, or just too broke. and it’s rangers lead the way not rangers the lead way there yoda. goes back to your whole point about mental…lol. and the Q-course totals about 2 years of some of the hardest training you can imagine. SUT, SERE, etc…This is just the way to decide who gets to attempt it.

  6. I love it when I see these discovery shows, and what they “think” is tough. SFAS was always more mental than physical. RIP was truly 2 weeks in HELL.all physical…zippo on the mental…..LOL…then you earn the right to truly suck wind, for what was 58 days..but I think is longer now…

  7. When did SFAS become only 2 weeks? When I went through it in 1996 it was 3 weeks. I’ll never forget on the first day the lead cadre told everyone “whatever is wrong with you, drink water, it will go away in 21 days”.

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