“Disney Prep & Landing” finally lands on ABC

By Elaine Bergstrom

Originally scheduled to air last Tuesday but preempted by the presidential address, Disney Prep & Landing will finally be making its debut tonight on ABC at 8:30pm ET (following A Charlie Brown Christmas).prep

The best holiday specials appeal to children and adults alike. With the animated Prep & Landing, all-ages appeal is achieved through a healthy dose of cynical zingers that will likely fly right over your little tykes’ radar like Santa’s sled.

Wayne (voiced by Dave Foley, The Kids in the Hall) is a jaded elf who has been in Prep & Landing — the elite unit of North Pole elves that makes sure every home is properly prepared for Santa’s arrival — for hundreds of years without a promotion. Needless to say, he’s prone to goofing off. He’s assigned a new partner, the enthusiastic Lanny (Derek Richardson, Men in Trees), who is imbued with the spirit of Christmas and is more than happy to do both his and Wayne’s jobs. Of course, in spite of all the high-tech gadgets that make prep and landing easy, complications and a raging snowstorm create a serious situation. Then it’s up to Lanny and Wayne to ensure that Santa — “the Big Man” in elfspeak — doesn’t have to bypass one worthy little boy.

This is the first ABC television special produced by Walt Disney Animation Studios, and the attention to detail in both picture and sound makes for a charming half-hour. If you can’t catch the show tonight, ABC will be re-airing it Dec. 16 at 8pm ET, and Christmas Eve at 8pm ET.

Additionally, starting Dec. 9 and running through Jan. 1, Prep & Landing can be viewed on ABC.com’s Full Episode Player, along with other holiday specials. The online airing of Prep & Landing includes a special Expert Commentary from characters Wayne, Lanny and Thrasher the Reindeer.

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