ABC Family sets world record for gathering of Santa’s elves

Yesterday at New York City’s Pond at Bryant Park, ABC Family set a Guinness World Record for the largestelves gathering of Santa’s elves (yes, Guinness officially now gives records for everything).

The stunt was in support of ABC Family’s new original movie, Santa Baby 2: Christmas Maybe, which premieres on the network this Sunday, Dec. 13. The film’s two stars, Jenny McCarthy and Dean McDermott, were on hand to help gather 607 “elves,” surpassing the 250 that was needed to set the new world record. New Yorkers and tourists, including adults and children, took part in the event during which participants dressed in official Guinness World Record-approved elf costumes. At approximately 2pm ET, Guinness officials declared that the record had been set.

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Credit: Heidi Gutman/ABC Family