Dexter: No conscience? No way!

It’s been a rough few weeks for our conflicted antihero, but an educational experience, too. He’s learned a lot about Arthur and even more about himself. After he confessed to Arthur that he’d killed an innocent, looking for some sort of advice from a man he still thought had things together, it led to a confession from Arthur about his own horrific past and the guilt he felt after his sister died. Worse, as the video above reveals, after Dexter learned the truth about Arthur’s family, his all-too-human reaction to the horror Arthur Mitchell’s family endures has put a target on his back. He’s also begun to realize that there are more than three killings in each cycle. And now that Debs figured out that someone shorter than Trinity shot her, Dexter will be looking for the killer’s accomplice.

A beautiful plot twist requires that it not come completely out of nowhere, but should still be unexpected. And Christine’s relationship with Trinity, seen at the end of the Thanksgiving-themed “Hungry Man” episode was surprising, yet not completely unexpected. I mean, Quinn is cute but not so irresistible that a reporter would fall head-over-heels for him. Of course, she was also getting a story, but the interest she had in Trinity’s case came from somewhere else. Seeing her story come to the forefront in the final three episodes should tie everyone together, make Debs a target (something I’ve been expecting for some time), Quinn a dupe — and only increase the terrible quandry Dexter finds himself in.

He is always careful to make sure to hide his kills, but how careful can he be knowing that the Mitchell family will be constantly on guard lest their missing horror of a father return? Expect there to be bodies — or perhaps just one if he disposes of Christine — at the end of this season. It’s what a decent human being who just happens to be a serial killer has to do.