An animated “Dexter” coming soon


By Elaine Bergstrom

No, our cynical killer will not start taking happy pills. Instead, for fans who need more kills and more backstory, Showtime will air a 12-part animated web-only series, Dexter: Early Cuts, beginning Sunday, Oct. 25. Each short feature will feature a new aspect of the Dexter story and can be accessed at

In this multi-part web series, written by Dexter producer and writer Lauren Gussis, viewers see the demise of Alex Timmons, a corrupt Gulf War veteran; Gene Marshall, an arsonist; and Cindy Landon, a “black widow.” The series will also provide fans with fun and interesting facts about Dexter, including how he bought his boat, the Slice of Life, and when he began collecting slides of his victims.

Each webisode will be brought to life by a different illustrator. Kyle Baker, an eight-time Eisner Award winner, and one of the genre’s biggest names, headlines the roster along with Andres Vera Martinez and Ty Templeton. The stories are driven by voiceover from Dexter (Michael C. Hall), narrating his investigative process as he discovers his victims’ guilt, stalks them for reconnaissance and eventually doles out his unique brand of vigilante justice.

Also, fans of the hit series can experience Dexter via a YouTube game called “Where’s Dexter” based on the popular “Where’s Waldo” concept, in which users are challenged to find Dexter in various scenarios such as a crowded city street. Additionally, fans will be able to “Dexterize” their Facebook pages, complete with dripping blood and plastic wrap, as well as play a viral online game, Through the game, fans can upload their photo and replace the face of Dexters new baby with their own image. Fans can choose from a series of baby photos and share with friends via Facebook.

It would hardly be surprising if Dexter bobbleheads won’t be making an appearance soon, along with Dexter carving knives, Dexter holiday ornaments and Slice of Life bathtub toys complete with tiny black trash bags. But will even that be enough as Dexter-mania (and count me among the happy victims) continues to spread?

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