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DEXTER (Season 4)By Elaine Bergstrom

The name of this week’s episode, “Remains to be Seen” was a bit of a pun, but perfect for Dexter’s current problem — finding the body of his last victim. If this seems like a bit of a stretch, even for someone who has been sleep deprived, factoring in the concussion that shook up his short-term memory makes his problem far more plausible.

So he tries to trace his steps before someone finds the body — and in the heat of Miami that will likely be soon — but Lundy’s search for the Trinity Killer and the ongoing murders of the Vacation Killer take up a lot of his time. So does Quinn, who will apparently figure prominently in the plot this season.

Quinn is still up to his old tricks, leaking information to a reporter he is romancing and stealing money from a murder victim. While doing the latter he notices Dexter noticing his theft and suddenly wants to be Dex’s best buddy, telling him they can work together to nab the killer Dex’s courtroom blunder had freed. This is something Dexter hardly has time for as said killer (wherever he is) has already been stopped for good, and watching Dexter lose his temper and tell Quinn to get lost was one of the better moments of the episode, Dex rarely raises his voice to anyone so it was a welcome change. I doubt that Quinn will take his words at face value, though. More likely, Quinn will interpret the encounter as Dexter showing disapproval for his larceny and feel the need to take action against him. So, I am wondering what he will try to pin on Dex before this season is through.

The Trinity Killer has also seen his future remains, and watching him approach the young mother, make her acquaintance and learn where she lives was a chilling scene. Lithgow is perfectly bland in his role, just like a serial killer ought to be. But his blandness is also horribly boring because we can’t see his inner life as we do Dexter’s. I’m not disappointed in him — yet — but I am not as enthused as I was by the addition of the always excellent Jimmy Smits to the cast last season.

I am disappointed with this season’s opening episodes. Nobody is grabbing my attention, except for LaGuerta and Batista, who are turning into one cute-yet-very-odd couple.

I don’t much like the rest of the supporting case. Debs has no self-control where Lundy is concerned and going over to his place to tell him, in essence, “I have a boyfriend, we live together and I really, really care for him,” was simply a way of saying, “Kiss me, you fool!” Lundy is totally devoid of any empathy for how she feels, and seems terribly needy, besides. Perhaps this is because he lived for his job and is having trouble letting go — though I wonder how a retired lawman (even an FBI expert) gets the access he has to the Miami PD. Did someone call him in, and if so who? Knowing what I do of the relationship between agents and police, it’s astonishing that Miami’s blue seems so welcoming.

And, finally, there is Rita. I felt a bit more sympathy for her this week — after all, Dexter is lying to her about his hours at work and she has every right to be concerned. But I still find myself imagining the innovative ways the writers could get her out of the series and leave Dex just the three kids (talk about problems for a night stalker!). Perhaps the Trinity Killer gets her. Perhaps Dex even manages to rescue her from the killer, but in the process, she knows the truth and, horrified, backs off a bridge or something. Then, to play off the words of the old “Titanic” song we sang around campfires, “ker-plunk, she’s sunk, Dex is sad, I am glad.”

Because, of course, what a grand season finale that would be!

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