“The Office” recap: The Promotion

By Mike Frey

After the events of last week’s episode, Jim and Michael are settling into their positions as co-managers of the Dunder Mifflin Scranton branch. Understandably, there’s a bit of friction.

Jim thinks Michael should waste less of his employee’s time with meetings about toilet paper that devolve into discussions about the planets (think Uranus). Michael is upset that he’s no longer the undisputed leader of the office. Plus, as Dwight notes, Jim’s not as matronly as Phyllis. So there’s that. A power struggle ensues, rivaling the rivalries of Paris and Nicole, and Heidi and L.C. The issue comes to a head when David Wallace explains that there are limited funds for cost-of-living increases, and he wants Michael and Jim to determine how to distribute the raises.

The solutions range from simple (giving everyone a small pay increase or only giving raises to the sales staff) to the needlessly complicated (placing Boston Baked Beans candy on photos of the employees to represent cash). In the end, Michael and Jim accomplish nothing, aside from getting the entire office upset. They conclude the episode locked up in Jim’s office, drinking gin from “World’s Best Boss” mugs — both of which Michael seems to have on hand, for some reason.

Pam has issues of her own this week. Aside from the conundrum of needing to fit into her wedding dress despite inevitably gaining weight due to her pregnancy, people are asking about the gift registry for the PB&J wedding. There are no easy answers, since the registry is fictional and asking for cash straight-out is awkward — which is why PB&J will be receiving a romantic birdhouse mailbox from Phyllis. Pam has a little more luck with Kevin, who gives her a check with “to love’s eternal glory” in the memo portion. She just can’t cash it till Monday. And we bet she can’t wait until this whole thing is over. At least it was nice to see her excitement at being Mrs. Pam Halpert …

Best Moment:

Creed: “Hey, why haven’t we ever …”

Meredith: “We have.”

Best Quote: “Where would Catholicism be without the popes?” — Oscar, pointing out the lack of two-leader success stories

Employee of the Week: Jim … James … Jimothy?