Five Fabulous Flicks to watch Oct. 2-8

enemy-mine_web1All times are ET.

Oct. 2
Enemy Mine
The world just seems to be getting more contentious, so this film about a human soldier (Dennis Quaid) marooned on a hostile planet who encounters an enemy survivor (an unrecognizable Lou Gossett Jr. seen in the photo here) is a special treat for believers in tolerance. As human and alien struggle to survive, they forge a bond that proves that even warring species can live together. Encore Drama, 10pm

Oct. 4
Ron Howard directs this tense thriller about a wealthy executive trying to secure the release of his kidnapped son — by whatever means necessary. Fans of Taken are sure to love this! Stars Mel Gibson, Rene Russo, Brawley Nolte and Gary Sinise. TNT, 5:30pm

Oct. 5
An American in Paris
An American in Paris
has its share of flaws in terms of plot and casting, but Gene Kelly’s abundant charm and incredible footwork carry it to make it one of the great American dance films of its era. TCM, 9pm

Oct. 6
The Secret of Roan Inish
Exquisite Celtic music and a beautiful Irish locale add their own magic to this story of a young girl who learns that an ancestor of hers had been married to a Selkie — a seal who can turn into a human — giving her hope that her baby brother, who had washed out to sea, might still be alive. Showtime Family, 9:45pm

Oct. 8
Annie Hall
Woody Allen puts relationships, romance, fame, New Yorkers and L.A. folk together under the glass to see what happens. The results are hilarious and poignant, and netted the film numerous Oscars, including Best Picture, Best Director and a Best Actress award for Diane Keaton. IFC, 8pm