“The Office” edition of Clue coming this fall

The classic whodunit game Clue will be available this fall in a collector’s edition based on the hit comedy The Office. In the mystery game, players find themselves being called into work by Michael Scott on a Saturday. Upon arrival, they discover that Toby, Michael’s nemesis from HR, is “dead” in the lobby. Along with Toby are instructions for a mandatory Team Building game of Clue. The employees must determine who “killed” Toby, what office weapon was used (nine potential weapons include the Dundee Trophy, a ream of Dunder Mifflin paper, a World’s Best Boss coffee mug, a rabid bat, the Bacon Grill, the Mr. A Knife, a poisoned pretzel, nun-chucks and a bike chain) and where the crime occurred. Prize for the winning employee is an additional week of paid vacation.clue

The nine locations featured in the game are the Reception Area, Conference Room, Break Room, Annex, Accounting, Parking Lot, Warehouse, Kitchen and Michael’s Office. The six suspects (and their Clue counterparts) are Jim (Green), Stanley (Plum), Dwight (Mustard), Angela (Peacock), Andy (White) and Pam (Scarlet).

“Like Clue,” says Todd Cohen, vice president of scripted television at Reveille LLC, “[The Office] is filled with a cast of quirky characters, and we couldn’t resist the opportunity to put Michael Scott in the Warehouse with the Bacon Grill.”

More info on the game can be found here.


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